Web Traffic Between Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 5 Now Almost 50-50–Chitika

The competition between the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5 are hotter than ever in North America, if one bases on a recent research conducted by the online advertising network, Chitika.


According to the study, the flagship smartphone of the two electronic giants are now close to having equal amounts of web traffic. In particular, the Apple iPhone 5 has 51.0 percent of the amounts of web usage whereas the Samsung Galaxy S III has 49.0 percent.

Chitika arrived at this conclusion by using millions of samples from U.S. and Canadian smartphones. These samples are taken from the Chitika Ad Network between February 1st to February 9th. Chitika relied on what is known as a user agent analysis, which allowed the company to analyze the usage rates of various devices.

Furthermore, Chitika examined how the two smartphones fare when compared against the larger context. The Apple iPhone 5, as per the data, has 6.6 percent of the web share; the other Apple iPhone units make up 34.9 percent; the Samsung Galaxy S III has 6.4 percent; other Samsung smartphones comprise 14.2 percent; and all other smartphones, 37.8 percent.

Combined, the web usage from the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Apple iPhone 5 make up 13 percent of the web traffic in the United States and Canada.  All Samsung and Apple smartphones, meanwhile, make up 62.1 percent of the web traffic generated in the same continent. Chitika observes that the number is lower than the previous study they conducted regarding web traffic back in October last year. Chitika offers that this shows how “there has been some more diversification, rather than uniformity, within the smartphone marketplace over the past four months.”

The data from the October study indicates that around that time, Apple had 46% of the web traffic, which is a bit higher than the 41.5 percent they generated in the more recent research. On the other hand, Samsung used to have a 17 percent of the smartphone web traffic in October, but now have 20.6 percent.

via chitika