Virtual postcards crossing the world



Apps are touching every corner of our lives. They are getting more and more innovative and intuitive and simulate different aspects of our daily life. Even hobbies are going virtual with Postcardly Postcards new app for iPhone. What used to work with a postcard and pen is now digitally possible. Fun new app that will see loads of people jumping the postcard bandwagon!

With this new app in town, you can now take a picture and post it to any part of the world with your personal message for a very reasonable price. Creating a postcard is very easy. Once you find a picture you love, either through the iPhone’s library or through your own camera collection, you can set the Postcard app to use this snap. Then you can generate an address from your iPhone’s contact list or type in any other address. Post it. It’s that simple!

This is especially lovely when travelling to post lovely snaps to friends and family with personalized messages about the place you are visiting. You can alter the postcards tailor them to different orientations like portrait or landscape and different sizes. The best part about virtual postcards is that a range of snaps are available to you, and what you send to friends and relatives depends on how well you can capture a certain culture rather than what is available to you in stores. This means that you can capture images in HD quality if your recipient can open images of this resolution.

All the images can be edited, cropped, enhanced and reworked to present it to your loved one in the best possible way, another advantage over the physical postcard. You can also resend another postcard to the same person from your email address since the app creates an address for each recipient. The email version is counted as another card and is deducted from your allocated amount.

A nice fun alternate to the traditional postcard, the Postcardly Postcards app will see many takers in a few short weeks of it being uploaded to Apple store.