Vire Launcher Adds Life To Your Home Screen

Tired of your current Android home screen? You might want to check out Vire Launcher which is currently available in beta form over at Google Play.  Despite being in beta, it’s already very fluid and has most of the features coming from other popular launchers while adding its own unique functionality.

Vire Launcher is developed by virelabs and requires a device running on at least Android 2.2 as well as 2.2 MB of storage space. You don’t need a rooted device to use this app. For those unfamiliar with launchers they are apps that replace the appearance of your default home screen and may come with added features.

Some of the best features of this home screen include

  • 3D home effect
  • fluid 3D transition animations
  • automatically themed icons
  • reflection effects
  • multi-touch controls

The app is designed to work on low end Android devices thus making them feel and look high-end. If you install this in multi-core devices then you will immediately notice that it operates smoothly. The UI engine being used is designed from the ground up and places importance on load balancing.

The developers are currently welcoming beta testers who can help provide feedback on the overall performance of the app. Since this isn’t the final version yet it’s expected to contain a few bugs here and there which the testers can easily report. Any feature that isn’t included in this launcher that is popularly requested will also be entertained by the developers.

One of the fastest ways to change the appearance of your homescreen is by the use of launchers. There are several popular choices available over at Google Play which has been available for quite some time now. The entry of this new launcher gives people an alternative which will definitely become popular.

via Google Play

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