Verizon’s HTC M7 will be delayed


The upcoming HTC M7 is HTC’s flagship model for this year. The device isn’t launched yet, but has already been creating a lot of buzz for several months now. We’re having a lot of new devices in the smartphone market with some jaw dropping specs. HTC M7 being a flagship device has to face the competition, and the Taiwan based smartphone manufacturer has indeed taken a note of it, and if rumors are true, the device will be coming with the best display in the smartphone market.

We now have several devices coming with 5 inch display with 1080p full HD resolution. A 5 inch screen with FHD resolution should be the best display, but apparently HTC will prove other manufacturers wrong. According to the reports, HTC M7 will be coming with a smaller 4.7 inch display, but will be boasting 1080p FHD resolution. Doing some quick math, the screen will have a pixel density of whopping 468ppi. To give some perspective on this, the Apple iPhone 5’s so-called “retina display” has pixel density of 326ppi. The HTC M7 will top the competition for clarity and sharpness.

HTC M7 should grab a lot of attention for the screen it is offering. It’s worth noting that HTC Droid DNA which was launched few months back is a popular device on Verizon, thanks to the FHD 5 inch display. Good displays apparently do add a lot of weight in decision making process. I had recently written about @evleaks posting the confirmation that the high end flagship device will be available on carriers including Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. Now, a highly trustable source has reported to a HTC centric site called ‘HTC Source’ that the HTC M7 will be offered by T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T on the U.S. launch day. The missing carrier is Verizon, and if the rumor is true, HTC M7 will arrive on Verizon a bit later. The reason could be that the carrier already has an up and running campaign for HTC Droid DNA, and they’ve obviously spent a lot of money for that, and since the device is doing so well for them, there’s no rush to bring a newer device to the lineup. That of course could be a problem for customers who are looking to buy HTC M7 on Verizon, but since they won’t be able to get one, they have to either wait or move on to other carriers, but then again, this is just a rumor and as always, take it with a pinch of salt.

As far as the device goes, we have some leaked specs. The device will supposedly be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm processor, a 4.7-inch 1920 x 1080 (full HD) display, 32GB of internal storage, no microSD card slot, 2GB of RAM, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and 2-megapixel front-facing camera. The device will also feature HTC Sense 5.0, which is the latest iteration of the HTC Sense, and the M7 will be the first device to run it. What are your thoughts on HTC M7?

source: HTCSource

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  1. Just like Verizon to hold back HTC like the red headed step child they treat them like while Motorola can release a new phone every 3 months and never told to wait. What a joke, if HTC has to wait I think they should release flagship phones on every other network and make Verizon wait for the device every year. HTC needs to grow a pair and stop letting Verizon treat them so badly.

  2. I’ve got goosies thinking about it. My contract is up at the end of March too. You’ve not mentioned the sound quality which is important to some. I have the HTC One X and love the sound quality. Hoping this will be either similar or better! 🙂

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