Verizon HTC Droid DNA Problems: Most common problems users are complaining about

The HTC Droid DNA is one of Verizon’s best offerings in 2013. Others call it a muscle phone because it has a quad-core processor, has lots of RAM, big display with high resolution, 4G and NFC support. It is a great phone, however, it also has some errors and problems users have been complaining since its release in November 2012.


What we are trying to accomplish here is to provide some sort of support for owners who may had their shares of disappointments over recurring problems and whatnot.

Verizon Droid DNA No SIM Card Error

When you Verizon’s tech reps, you would probably be told there is no “known issues” about the Droid DNA. Partly, that’s true. In order for issues to be considered “known” there should be thousands, if not millions, of people calling the hotline asking help for the same problem. Otherwise, it would be considered an “isolated case.” The Droid DNA No SIM Card Issue exists; it’s not just as popular as other problems.

Neither Verizon nor HTC provide an explanation why this problem happens but according to reports from users who have experienced it, out of the blue the phone says a SIM card not detected or inserted. Luckily, it’s not really a serious problem, it’s just annoying.

A reboot can often fix this problem. Yes, I may sound like a tech rep advising callers to reboot their phones almost every time an error occur but I want you to understand a reboot is a powerful thing. When an error occurs while the phone on, it could be some system files failed to function the way they should be, in this case, it could be a file handling the detection of the SIM card.

If reboots cannot fix it take the SIM card out and reinsert it. One more reboot to see if this solves the problem. If not, then you should back up all your important data and reset the phone to its Factory Settings (also called Hard Reset).

Verizon started rolling out an OTA update about a couple of days ago. Try to download and update your device as it is believed to be containing bug fixes. And so far, owners who have already updated their devices said the No SIM Card Error is gone.

But if the problem persists even after this, call Verizon and have your phone replaced.

Verizon Droid DNA Wi-Fi / Internet Connection Problem

This is a general problem and it’s vague as the problem may because of an outage, a network problem, a router issue, a settings in your phone, etc. First thing you should do is try to connect other IP-capable devices to the internet to see if there’s a connection. If there’s none, call Verizon to ask about it or just wait until you could connect. However, if other devices can connect to the internet, continue troubleshooting.

If you are using mobile data (3G or 4G) to browse the web, first thing to do is check if your phone is receiving signal feed from Verizon’s tower. Reboot the phone if there’s no signal. Otherwise, check the Settings and see if it’s messed, i.e. some variables are lacking or incorrect. If you don’t know the settings for your phone to connect Verizon network, call Verizon and ask for it. Or, you can try these:

  • Name : Verizon
  • APN : Verizon or vzwinternet
  • Proxy : null
  • Port : null
  • Username : Mobile [email protected]
  • Password: vzw
  • Server :
  • MMSC :
  • MMS Proxy : null
  • MMS Port : nul
  • MCC : 310
  • MNC : 012
  • Authentication type : Not Set
  • APN : Not Set

In case you’re using Wi-Fi, try to forget the network you used to connect and let your phone detect it again, then try to reconnect. Even Wi-Fi data can get corrupted over time; refreshing it from time to time surely wouldn’t hurt.

Verizon Droid DNA Drains Battery Fast

One of the most common problems users report online is that the battery life of their Droid DNA lasts shorter. The device is really powerful with quad-core processor and all that. But the culprit is the high-resolution display. Having a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor would always open the possibility for manufacturers to give their devices considerably higher resolution with denser ppi (pixels per inch). That’s the case with the HTC Droid DNA; it has a 5-inch screen featuring 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution. And one thing you should know is that when the screen lights up, the graphic processor that comes packed with the main processor works hard to provide the picture quality both the manufacturer and carrier boast about.

If you use Droid DNA for gaming, which requires the screen to be lit up all the time, the device’s 2020 mAh battery could be drained in 4 to 5 hours only; this estimate is based on expert reviews. However, when used browsing the web, receiving calls and text messages, or listening to music, the battery can last a day or two.

To even boost DNA’s battery life, switch off unused networks and services, adjust the screen brightness, reduce data syncing, and don’t use the phone for extensive gaming. Also, watch out for software updates as they often contain bug fixes and could help last the battery longer. Basically, take care of the battery and don’t abuse because it’s not removable.

Verizon Droid DNA Runs Very Slow

This problem is quite alarming considering the phone is built not to lag or stutter. Yes, that’s the fact. If you read reviews of the phone, you will know it is one of the fastest phones in the market today with all its features. So when a user reports his Droid DNA is running very slow, laggy and freezes most of the time, something is wrong with.

While we cannot pinpoint where the problem is, more often it is software-related. The most common culprit is the Sense UI. The lags and freezes that users may experience when they wake their phone from sleep are often caused by it. The problem is, there’s no way you can remove it unless your root your phone.

If this is the first time (or the second time) the phone feels laggy, try rebooting it as that would always solve this problem. If it persists, try to find other apps that might also be causing the problem; clear their data and force close them one by one or better yet, force close apps running in the background to see if there’s an improvement in the performance. If it continues, then there’s no better way than to reset the phone to its original settings and clear cobwebs in its memory.


If you have questions you want to ask or problems (and solutions) you want to share with us, drop us an email at [email protected]

9 Replies to “Verizon HTC Droid DNA Problems: Most common problems users are complaining about”

  1. k my dna keeps turning on black screen ten sec back off on off wont do nothing else and wont even bring up home page help i want it back

  2. My DNA will freeze and I will get streaky lines across the screen and have to reboot to fix it. Extremely annoying!

  3. My Droid DNA keeps turning itself to “Silent”. As you can imagine, I am missing a lot of calls. Any idea of how to fix this issue?

  4. My phone randomly reboots – it seems to happen a lot when I get into my car – is there a bluetooth problem?

  5. I just got my DNA…proud but a bit worried…since I got it, just 4 days ago, it has rebooted by itself 11 times that I have noticed. I called verrizon the last time it did it and they told me they have known about this issue and that htc’s answer was their lates software update. Verizon also told me that they will no longer carry the DNA, I asked them what the reason was and they said that htc could not keep their end of the deal, but no further details. Verizon offered to send me a new phone, since mine is under 15 days from purchase. I really do not want another phone, but I guess at the end of the day, I want one that works and does not reboot randomly.

  6. The Droid DNA I have is great phone. But I can’t talk on it a minute before call drops out of servce. I am on my second SIM card. Five visits to version. I am on WiFi right to complain. This bad!

  7. I had the SIM card error on my first DNA, which was replaced two weeks ago after repeated attempts to fix the error. Now, after two great week’s with no error, I download the update and have two SIM errors this morning. WTF?! I love the DNA, but this aggression will not stand, dude.

  8. if any of these problems were found on iPhones, it’d be a media manslaughter.

    love my droids, but the community has gone to hell over the last few years. we’ve become sixteen times more obnoxious than Apple users.

  9. Is there any way to change the power save settings? The DNA goes black very quickly. I would like to have the screen stay lit longer rather than have to keep hitting the power button. I looked through the user manual but the issue is not mentioned.

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