Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Most Common Problems and Errors


Verizon recently slashed the price of its Galaxy Note 2 offering. Obviously, this is to attract more subscribers and, perhaps, pave a way for upcoming Samsung devices. But don’t get a wrong impression because it is still one of the most popular and widely-used smartphone-tablet hybrids in the market today.

The purpose of this post is to provide support for Galaxy Note 2 owners under Verizon network. Many have been asking all sorts of questions regarding problems they’ve experienced (or currently experiencing) with their device. We know it isn’t easy to call and wait for a representative to help you. So, here we are reaching out, trying to provide possible fixes, solutions and workarounds to the most common Verizon Galaxy Note 2 problems.

One of our readers once asked: If this device has a lot of problems, then it sucks, right? No. We still believe it is one of the best Android devices. Errors and problems always exist and they happen every single day. They may be in the form of a bug, a connection issue, an email problem and whatnot. The point is, as long as you’re using an electronic device, unexpected things happen any time.

Among the problems we will be tacking in this post today are the most common issues our readers asked us about. Ever since we’ve open our mailbag address ([email protected]) to our readers, there were hundreds of emails we receive every day. Some of them complain of the same thing while others were totally different issues.

The problem is we couldn’t possibly answer each one of those emails considering other problems are so unusual. It could have been better if we, too, experienced the same problems because we can definitely provide solutions and workarounds. But we always talk with seasoned developers and experts who have vast knowledge as far as mobile computing is concerned.

If you currently have problems with your Verizon Galaxy Note 2, we advise you send us an email and put all the details. One thing is for sure, we read every email we receive even those that fall under our “Spam” folder as long as they mention a device that’s having problems. But we, of course, black-list real spammers.

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  1. im Samsung galaxy 2 user .my phone refused to sign in with my email replay the faliure to contact with google server .what can i do to be free from the problem?

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