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Twitter will help marketers generate lead through Twitter Cards


Most of us have a twitter account. Infact many of you might be even be regular users, tweeting and retweeting everyday. With over half a billion tweets sent over every day by its 200 million active users, Twitter is one of the best social networking site to advertise your business.

Uptil now, advertisers were only able to advertise their products and services by tweeting or retweeting, which did not give them instant feedback or the impact of their campaign. But now, twitter is planning to launch a new service known as twitter card. The ad unit is designed in such a way that advertisers will be able to generate direct leads from their promotions.


Twitter cards would help advertisers add media and other functionality to their tweets like images, videos etc. This could help the marketers significantly as it provides a new and innovative platform for them to advertise their products and services.

twitter cards


If you are interested to be a part of this new ad unit, just go to TwitterAd’s tweet. It contains a link to a small page which allows you to share your profile. The page says the following:

“Get our small biz guide

Sign up to learn how to grow your presence on Twitter

Information requested by Twitter Advertising”

And if you are logged on to your twitter profile when you on this page, you will see a ‘GET NOW’ button. Just click on the link and your profile will be shared with the advertiser. However, twitter does not ask you to give your contact number or even your email address, so they are likely to contact you via your twitter profile itself.

Also note that the functionality is still in its testing stage and may change considerably before its actual launch. And if the company feels that this won’t appeal to the users, they may even scrap it without actually releasing it to the public.


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