Twitter has shortened tweet character count by 2


In a move that has annoyed most tweeters, Twitter has reduced the number of characters that a user can tweet as commentary about a posted link by 2. Tweeters are allowed a maximum commentary of 140 words. Previously when they shared a link, the number of characters remaining was 120 which are now reduced to 118. If a secure https link is shared, the character count goes down to 117 from the previous 119.

Twitter claims that this is part of a strategy to protect the service from malware attack from suspicious websites that will aim to bring the service down with viruses and track links being shared. To enforce security, twitter wraps the posted URL in a link. This happens automatically, even when members use URL shortening services like This new policy by Twitter has also resulted in restricting third party applications to prevent competition to tweedcheck to create its own image filters and prevent other social networks from using twitter links to make new contacts.

In what is viewed as a threat to freedom of speech and expression, Twitter is trying to gain more control over its members by monitoring content posted by its members to boost its business. Many developers feel that character count reduction is unnecessary and redundant in the view of many users using URL shorteners and other wrapping services to safeguard their content. Also cutting down the number of external applications has left many members discontent.

The social network seems to be getting rough as it pursues profits and business.


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