Transparent handsets, the future of smartphones?


If the current technological advancement is anything to go by, sci-fi writers will probably be considered soothsayers and prophets who could foretell the future! The prospect of phones and computers looks exactly like they envisaged! From flying machines to tiny handheld devices that control a large portion of our lives, technology seems to be guided by what science fiction writers wrote in their books a long time ago.

The latest to fit the bill is a completely transparent smartphone prototype from PolyTron. The model, made from glass could be the future of smartphones and tablets. Currently not running any software, the prototype will undergo several revisions until the complete, smartphone version is released by the Taiwanese company for public use. Leaked pictures of the first handset however look promising and exciting. The hardware currently features an SD card, SIM card, microphone and batteries.  These slots are not transparent, but PolyTron is looking to cover the battery and mic slot up with an opaque covering to leave the screen above transparent.

PolyTron has worked with translucent glass previously. It’s smart-glass technology is opaque when it is not powered up but becomes completely transparent when electricity is supplied. Liquid crystals in the glass align themselves to allow light to pass through the glass when power is turned on. Extending this concept to phones, the company will use its technology to create a brand of phones that turn transparent when powered on. Cutting Edge, beautiful design catapulting the world into a new era of smartphone technology. Apple, Samsung, HTC and other smartphone giants will be rushing to license this technology for their own smartphone division!


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