Transferring Backup Files from iPhone to the new HTC One

iphone htc oneTalk of amazing features and the new HTC One has everything spelt out for you. The HTC One was launched very recently and it is already receiving some much deserved raved reviews. The eagerly awaited device is a member of the luxurious HTC brands available in the market for consumers. It was launched on the 19th of Feb 2013. From their hence forth the marketing team has been conducting massive campaigns which are basically aimed at promoting the new Android device. The Company has even gone to the extent of trading in the older HTC devices with a newly purchased HTC One Smartphone together with $100 worth of credit.

The HTC One operates on an Android v4.0 (ice cream sand which) operating system which can be upgradable to version 4.1 (Jelly bean). This device comes with some amazing features that should intrigue anyone in possession of the same. Perhaps one of the most captivating features which without a doubt will come as a shock to many individuals is the ability of the Smartphone to provide a rather seamless switch from one platform to another. This is a never seen before feature which is causing quite a buzz amongst users.

According to the analysts, the HTC One will enable their users to easily synchronize any iPhone backup data such as the ones found in calendar entries, photos, videos, and txt messages with their new HTC phones. This process has for a long time been neglected by most of the phone manufacturing companies but the Taiwanese company is surely going against all the odds to bring this feature to life.

All in all the HTC One Smartphone is a device that will, without saying much surprise many people regardless of its humongous price tag.



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