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Trade in Your for HTC Phone, Get Up to $100 Off HTC One

HTC today turned this day into their special first day of the year – first with the release of their next flagship smartphone HTC One and the announcement of the release of their next user interface HTC Sense 5.  Something new that HTC announced today is their offer aimed at enticing folks to get the new smartphone HTC One by trading in their old phones and get $100 off the price of the new smartphone.  The new HTC One will be available across all major carriers in the US except Verizon.  As I had written in an earlier post a few days ago, Verizon still offers HTC’s Droid DNA smartphone and maybe awhile – possibly a couple of months – before they stock up HTC One.  This phone is expected to hit the shelves and begin shipping in March.

HTC One trade-up

Users who pre-register for the HTC One will have the option of trading in their old or current phone and get a whopping $100 or more off the HTC One when it becomes available.  The site where users can access the trade-up feature is currently live and it appears that all it takes is entering your email address and you will qualify for the trade-up.  What you will need to do is register on the HTC website to get a prepaid card with $100 or the value of the phone you intend to trade in – whichever is more.  You will then buy the HTC One phone when it is available and send your old phone, along with your receipts or other proof of purchase of the One to HTC.

Tis trade-up is pretty simple and is a great way to entice people into upgrading to the new smartphone – to boost sales and solidify the penetration of this powerful smartphone in light with the stiff competition from other high end smartphones such as the LG Optimus G Pro and the soon-to-come Samsung Galaxy SIV.  This is a great deal for those who are eligible for the upgrade – and want to pay less for the HTC One – and a good way to get rid of an old phone without having to hassle with buyers on Craigslist or eBay.

HTC does not specify which old phones qualify for the trade-up though – no mention whether buyers can only send HTC phones only or any phone and no mention on the age limit of the phones to trade in.  The online upgrade tool though is pre-programmed to determine the value of the phones to trade in and to determine whether the phone can be traded in or not.  Terms and conditions however point out that the program is valid within the US and a buyer can trade in a maximum of one phone for the limited time offer.

HTC Trade-up

The company will reject trade-ups where the device is submitted by someone who does not own the phone, when the phone being traded in is currently not in use (or at the time of trading in) or when they determine that ‘there is fraudulent intentions’.  I guess the right thing to do is read the terms and conditions properly (especially section 7.2 on Program requirements and 8 on How it Works) here to avoid wasting time and money.

Will you take advantage of the HTC trade-up program?  Will this marketing scheme work to boost HTC’s sales and performance of the HTC One?  Let us know what you think.

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