Toyota NASCAR to have Surface tablets in them soon

Microsoft Surface Pro in a Toyota NASCAR

For a man, video games become reality, it is the Wonderland, or the dream land. Microsoft is going to do something like that in partnership with Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The companies are planning on deploying Microsoft’s Surface tablets to the crew and one in the dashboard of Toyota’s NASCAR cars. And what is this for? For measure performance more accurately.

The Trackside app for Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is the app that we are talking about. The tablet which will be placed in the cockpit dashboard will be responsible for collecting all the performance data and information on other parameters which matter to the performance of the car. This data will be sent to the crew on its Surface Pro tablet in real time. This will help the crew to map the performance in real time and get ready for adjustment to the car if needed to improve performance.

This is what we see in video games, so much of performance data and then we tune the cars to improve these figures. This is pretty soon, going to be real. And this will give Toyota Racing Development a very good advantage over other teams. But once we have this in one team, the rest of the racing teams will follow suit and try to get better equipment. TRD’s vice president of chassis operations had the following to comment on the development:

“Trackside means more time is spent on the track and less time is spent talking. Teams are back on the track faster, allowing them more time to determine the optimum setup for the race car. Our mission is to take advantage of the latest innovation in technology to quickly get better data — which translates into faster cars on the track.”

Microsoft is trying to do everything at its disposal to sell its tablets and the new operating system that accompanies the tablet. It is to see how the company will do in the long run.

Source: WP Central