Toy iPhones jailbroken out of the box

Toy iPhone with Cydia installed

If you are an iPhone user and a power user in that, you would know the pain you have to go through in jailbreaking your iPhone carefully and not ending up with a brick for your iPhone. There are very easy tools to jailbreak your iPhone, there is no doubt about that. But how would you like to buy an iPhone which is already jailbroken and has the Cydia app installed on it?

Well, that is what the toy iPhone industry is doing, or at least this particular one. These toys are cheap duplicates of the iPhone’s design without any real thing inside them. These toy iPhone have navigation and other buttons at the bottom of the smart phone, as you can see. And these buttons are used to control the toy phone, not a real touch screen.

But that is not what attracts our attention here. If you look closely at the app drawer, you would notice that there is a new “Gift” icon in the app drawer, which is not a real app on the iPhone. But if you look at the icon of this Gift app, you will realize that it is nothing but the Cydia app store installed on the device.

The manufacturer of this little toy seems to have gone against Apple on so many levels, and the Cupertino tech giant can probably just such this little company in and crush it. To begin with, the design of the iPhone is just a replica, apart from the hardware buttons at the bottom of this toy smart phone.

Also, the inclusion of the Cydia app store is just not right if Apple is going to contact this little company. The Cupertino tech giant is very opposite to Cydia, and it would not like to have the iPhone with hardware buttons to have the app installed, as it would encourage the real iPhone users to jailbreak and install the app.

Source: Gizmodo

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