Top 5 Accessories For The MacBook Pro

Switching from a PC to a Mac will not only introduce you to a new system but also a wide range of new accessories. If you have a new MacBook Pro then you are also going to need a couple of accessories to complement your new gadget. Here’s our list of the top 5 must have accessories that you should have for your MacBook Pro.

G-Form MacBook Sleeve

You are going to need a sleeve to put your gadget into that also serves as a protection when you travel outdoors. G-Form offers you the best sleeve for your device as it is soft, flexible, lightweight and even waterproof. Before putting your MacBook in your bag make sure that it’s inside the G-form sleeve first. This accessory will set you back around $79.99.

SanDisk Cruzer Fit

When you need to transfer data from your Mac to another device nothing gets the job quicker than by using a USB flash drive. One of the best flash drives you can use is the SanDisk Cruzer Fit which has an extremely low profile. It’s available in different capacities from 4 GB all the way up to 32 GB. The 32 GB costs around $20.

Apple Thunderbolt to Ethernet Adapter

This accessory is the one that you should probably get first if you usually connect to a wired network. Since the MacBook Pro does not have any Ethernet port however this handy accessory can convert the Thunderbolt port for use in any wired network connection. This costs $29 over at the Apple Store.

Twelve South PlugBug

When you are bringing various gadgets around the tendency is that you will also bring with you their respective chargers. The Twelve South PlugBug lets you leave all your other chargers behind since aside from being a MacBook Pro charger it also comes with a 2.1 Amp rated USB charger. This allows you to plug in your iPad or iPhone. This accessory sells for $34.99.

Apple USB Superdrive

There are instances when you will need to read data from a CD or a DVD and since the MacBook Pro does not have an optical disc drive this accessory comes in handy. The Superdrive has an extremely thin profile and should easily fit inside your bag. It costs $79 at the Apple Store.

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