The Vital Bargaining Chip That Firefox OS Brings To The Table

Firefox mobile OS

When it comes to the world of smart phones, there is no doubt that Google is very strong, with its Android mobile operating system. It is no doubt the most powerful mobile operating system in the world now. Though there is Apple’s iOS, Android has pushed it to second with the highest market share. And when it comes to Android, Samsung is the leader. The company sells millions of Android smart phones in every quarter, and no other Android smart phone manufacturer has reached such sales record in recent times. This means that Samsung calls the shots here.

This is not a good situation for anyone, I mean other manufacturers and wireless carriers. And now, there is a new player in the field, Mozilla’s Firefox mobile OS. This new mobile operating system is also open source just like Android, and this is completely based on HTML 5. This means that anyone who knows how to program in HTML 5 can be a Firefox OS programmer.  And the company lets anybody have an app store for the Firefox OS, there is no restriction. There is a lot of scope for development and involvement. Some of these features are not available with Android.

This is the reason so many wireless carriers are already interested. The company has already managed to bring in 17 of the world’s top 30 wireless carriers into the Firefox operating system. And unlike in Android, the first hardware partners here are ZTE, Huawei, and others. Companies are ready to play their games on a new platform. And this is not good for Android, or Goole, and Samsung alike.

Firefox OS will not be able to get the first place right now, it is only fighting for the third place now with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 OSes. But in the long run, this could pose a very serious problem for Google.

Source: Forbes

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