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The Galaxy S4 Holds Some Surprises

Proud Galaxy S4 Tradition

Samsung’s Galaxy line has sold over 100 million smartphones since it was first launched with the Galaxy Nexus. Last summer, Samsung launched its Galaxy S3, a smartphone that competed with Apple’s iPhone in every way. While it seemed to be a smartphone that piggybacked off of the design of the Galaxy S2, it was purchased in large numbers and started the rumor that Samsung just may come to rival Apple. Flash forward seven months later, and the rumor has come true: Samsung is now such a huge rival to Apple (along with Google) that the company stopped laughing at Apple in its commercials. It seems that Samsung’s goal as a staunch Apple rival has been achieved.

As with all popular smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has become one of the most rumored smartphones on the market (right next to the iPhone 5S and the supposed Motorola “X Phone,” as so called by the Wall Street Journal). It has been said that Samsung would kill the home button that has plagued its Galaxy S2 and S3; later, this rumor was recanted for the traditional home button on the Galaxy S4. It was said that the Galaxy S4 would run Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie), but this will not be the case since Google will reveal KLP at its own Google I/O event in May 2013. Samsung does not get the newest Android updates until after Google releases them. This means that Google’s Nexus phones are the most coveted in the Android ecosystem. If you want to stay on top of Android updates, get a Google Nexus phone. I read in a recent article, however, that Samsung’s current rise to power and its strong command of the Android OS does concern Google (according to the Wall Street Journal). Google fears that Samsung may decide to request faster updates for its Galaxy line, a feat that may serve to make Samsung’s phones as popular and up-to-date as Google’s own smartphones. The last thing Google wants to do is give this kind of power to a company that has decisively taken down Apple and its iPhone).

Other interesting rumors about the Galaxy S4 include the following:

* floating touch gestures
* wireless charging
* transformation of pixel shapes (from linear to diamond and triangular shapes)
* would run on an Exynos, octa-core processor chip
* Samsung would replace its super AMOLED screens with LCD screens

First, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come with floating touch gestures (or so it has been said). Gesture control is a huge feature on Windows computers, and Windows manufacturers have placed cool features in laptops that Android and iOS are now starting to consider (gesture control and fingerprint scanners among them). Next, there is wireless charging — a new tech feature that has been considered to be a future wave of technology. Most smartphones still come with normal adapters, but Samsung looks to incorporate Qi wireless charging into its future smartphones. The pixel shapes rumor was said to benefit Samsung, as the Korean manufacturer could pack more pixels into the screen if the pixels were shaped in something other than linear fashion.

The octa-core processor chip was the one rumor that picked up quite a bit of steam for some time. After all, Samsung just announced that it looks to produce octa-core processors for its smartphones in the future.

Since the Galaxy S4 had yet to arrive, it was assumed that the GS4 would be the first phone to contain the new processor chips. A new rumor that surfaced within the last few days says that Samsung will now use Qualcomm chips instead of the Exynos processor chips. Additionally, Verizon photos show that the new Samsung Galaxy phone will run with a quad-core processor chip instead of an octa-core, come with a five-inch display (and 1080p video recording), as well as wireless charging (as revealed by paperwork filed with the FCC).

Do you dislike the idea of Samsung’s super AMOLED screens? According to a very recent rumor, Samsung may decide to remove its AMOLED screens and implement LCD displays into its latest Galaxy phone lineup. After all, the company has produced billions of LCD screens for its most affluent client (and most hated enemy), the Apple Corporation. I am sure that Samsung is aware of the fact that some customers love Samsung but dislike AMOLED screens, and this recent rumor may show Samsung’s desire to line its phones up with Apple’s iPhone in more ways than one. Samsung has been gunning for Apple’s fall since its Galaxy S3 hit store shelves. One of the company’s newest moves consists of producing an 8-inch tablet that was revealed at Mobile World Congress, known as the Galaxy Note 8.0. Samsung’s new Galaxy tab has been designed to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini (7.9 inches). Since the company has produced 10-inch tablets and now an 8-inch tablet testifies to its desire to go head-to-head with Apple once more.

Back to the Verizon rumors. The details that are most reliable have come from Verizon’s benchmark tests with a phone marked “SCH1545.” Verizon’s Galaxy S3 has a product label “SCH1535”; if the “1535” phone refers to the S3, then the “1545” product label belongs to the S4. The GS4 will come with specs such as a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, 1.9 Ghz, and a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. As for an official announcement, the Korean manufacturer will spread the word on March 14, 2013. Since this is approximately two weeks away, I am sure that the rumors will continue to abound. The question that will remain at the end is, “How much of the tech predictions did tech writers and news sites get right”?

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