Tablets Will Shine in 2013 By Outselling Personal Computers

It was recently reported that Google will be able to earn more from the sale of tablets as opposed to that of personal computers by the end of Q4 2013. Speculation has suggested that that will not only be so for Google but globally. By the end of the year we should have noticed greater sales of tablets and less people purchasing PC’s.

These allegations have been given greater wind by the writers at BI Intelligence who have stated that smartphone sales surpassed PC’s last year (Source: Business Insider). They went ahead to state that the reason that this is bound to happen is because tablets are cheaper, more enterprising, an easier tool to educate, and the emerging class of entrepreneurs are going to work from the mobile and majorly tablets. If everyone were to think about why these would happen we would all come up with billions of reasons ranging from portability to collaboration. Everyone should probably be able to see this coming.

Android Tablets

IN 2011, tablet sales were ranging at  63.6 million worldwide as opposed to the massive 364 million PC’s according to Practical eCommerce. However, the sale of PC’s has been declining ever since then while tablets have been rising. Of course, many analysts have used this information to infer the alleged gold in tablet sales as opposed to PC. With the likes of Samsung sighting the first position in the production of tablets and Apple looking to hold on to the position we can all assume that tablets will soon be more popular than PC’s. If this news doesn’t scare Microsoft then nothing will. The software giant had believed they had control of the market back in the beginning of the century but then Apple came with the iPpad in 2010 which was followed by Samsung who had the capability due to the fact that they were making the touch screens of Apple. Guess what, they took the idea and went crazy with it. Now we have people walking around with Galaxy Tabs and calling them phones. Yeah, that’s where the world is headed. Do you see why the sale of tablets is bound to surpass PC’s? Clearly you can surf the web, play around with the likes of Angry Bird while pretending to be working on the presentation, put it on your ear and chat with the old lady, and look badass.

The sale of PC’s has been having a slow and devastating decline since 2010 when people started focusing on the slick and sophisticated nature of smartphones and the likes of Windows 8 doesn’t seem able to solve the problem. Maybe in the exchange of power we will have the likes of Apple and Google becoming larger brands than Microsoft simply because of an idea that Bill Gates and those at Microsoft thought they had sorted out way back when. Maybe Steve Jobs was smart enough to wait for a time when people could actually afford and control that type of technology. Yes, by the end of the year we shall know whether all this is true.

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