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T-Mobile’s new GoSmart prepaid service

GoSmart Mobile SIM kit

If you are looking for a budget friendly talk and text plans for your phone, you have a new option in the United States market. T Mobile, one of the top four wireless network carriers in the United States has come out with a new prepaid plan, and actually a new brand altogether, the GoSmart Mobile.

The GoSmart Mobile brand is targeted at the budget conscious customer in the market. The carrier’s plans start with $30 a month, with unlimited talk and text features. If you are willing to pay $5 extra each month, you get unlimited access to data as well. But if you are picturing the high speed 3G or 4G internet connectivity, then this is not for you. This is because the wireless carrier is giving you access to only GPRS and EDGE data speeds. But if you need high speed internet, you will have to shell out $45 a month. Here you get to use the carrier’s 3G HSPA network, but only for the first 5 GB of data. After this, you will be throttled down again to the 2G network.

You have to note here is that even though the company is marketing its HSPA+ network as 4G, it is not giving access to this on the $45 a month plan, it is only 3G that you are getting. So if you really want this high speed internet connection, you will have to go for the expensive T Mobile branded network.

And with the GoSmart Mobile network, you do not get any high end smart phone. You can choose from the $50 Alcatel feature phone and the $100 ZTE Android 2.3 Gingerbread device, which is the closest you can get to a smart phone on this network. And these phones are not discounted as well. Or, you can get any GSM device of your choice and use the SIM kit from GoSmart Mobile.

Source: Giga Om

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