T-Mobile hotspot leaked ahead of launch

T Mobile 4G LTE Wi Fi hotspot device

If you are on T Mobile, there is a very good chance that you are waiting for the LTE network of the wireless carrier to go live in your city. And that day is coming close. And to prove this, we have this leaked image of the carrier’s LTE hardware, which looks like any other LTE mobile hotspot device.

The device is black, rectangular with rounded edges. There is the T Mobile 4G LTE logo on the left, and a small color display to the right of the device. You can also see the hardware buttons below the display which will help you in navigating through the various options that the hardware and the wireless carrier provide. This image was leaked by Tmo News and this image is supposed to be the press render of the 4G LTE device which the wireless carrier is going to unveil shortly.

If you observe closely, there is an “8” next to the Wi Fi symbol on the display. This suggests that the device will allow up to eight simultaneous connections to the device. This means that you can hook up up to eight devices to this device simultaneously, and then of course, the speed will be divided among the eight devices.

If you want to buy this, you will have to wait at least till the 27th of next month, because according to the leaked roadmap of the wireless carrier, that is when it is going to launch the device. But there is no news about the cost of this device. But it sure will not cost you a lot of money. And coming to the 4G LTE network of the carrier, T Mobile is expected to switch the service on in Las Vegas any day now, and Kansas City is supposed to follow shortly. So, any buyers out there?

Source: Phone Dog