Surface Pro Available for Preorder at Microsoft Store Website

The Pro version of the Microsoft Surface has been in short supply and hard to come by for nearly everyone. But as of today the tablet is up for pre order on the official Microsoft Store website. $999 will get you a 128GB version of the device and will be allegedly shipped on March 1st. The device is markedly different from a standard Microsoft Surface in that it runs the full version of Windows whereas its cheaper self runs only Windows RT which is on the ARM processor making it incompatible with the vast array of Windows apps on the market. In fact, outside of a little hacking, the RT version of the Surface is only capable of running apps from the official Windows App Marketplace. And given how new that is and somewhat untested, it is not surprising that it may be lacking for many users, especially those who might be migrating from an Android tablet or iPad.

Surface Pro

The ability for the Pro version of the Surface tablet to run nearly any Windows app and game (with some like Civilization 5 already updated to have the new input method of the tablet in use) is probably why the popularity of the device has been so huge and seemingly bigger than what Microsoft had anticipated and could meet the demand for early in the devices launch. The ability to take a full copy of Windows capable of running all Windows apps on the go with a touch interface has proven to be very enticing to consumers.

Source: Engadget