Staples Will Begin Selling Apple Products in the U.S Very Soon


Apple products are usually sold in most electronics retail outlets across the world. But there’s a certain edge to it when people buy an Apple device from an Apple Store. However, at times, it’s not possible to find an Apple Store at all locations in the U.S or anywhere else. This is exactly why Apple has teamed up with a bunch of retailers to bring the devices to its customers at convenient locations across the world. So users don’t necessarily have to go looking for an Apple outlet to get their favorite iDevice. This is something Microsoft should have done long back with its Surface tablets, but the company is learning.

One of the major retailers in the U.S, Staples, doesn’t sell Apple products in the U.S. However, according to a tweet sent out by Senior VP of Global Human Resources at Staples, Regis Mulot, Apple and Staples have finally come to an agreement to sell Apple devices in the country under Staples’ roofs. However, his tweet was later deleted mysteriously, which could mean that he spoke too soon. But thankfully, other employees and members of Staples involved in the talks again confirmed the info via Twitter. As this story is relatively new, there’s little info available on when we could see Apple products land on Staples’ shelves. But it seems like the day isn’t too far away now. There’s enough excitement in the air already, and we should see the two companies make a formal announcement fairly soon. It must be noted that Staples already sells Apple product in its Canadian outlets, but it’s the U.S where the two have had a hard time in coming to a formal agreement. A tweet from Staples’ Field Services Manager pretty much summed it up for us – “Staples just finalized a deal to begin selling Apple products #finally“.

There’s little clarity on which Apple products Staples will have on its shelves. But we’re hoping it’s going to be the entirety of Apple’s lineup including the iPhones and the iPads. This will certainly make it something to look forward to as Staples clearly has more outlets in the country compared to Apple Stores. Sure it won’t be the same as walking into an Apple Store and having a “genius” help you out, but these are the luxuries you really don’t need in this day and age. Let’s hope there’s more info coming up in the following days and a formal announcement should pretty much seal the deal.

Source: Apple Insider
Via: Phone Arena

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