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Sprint Galaxy S3 Problems & Errors Users Reported After Jelly Bean Update

After writing 10 very long articles about Galaxy S3 problems and errors, perhaps it’s time we set our focus to owners whose devices are supported by any carrier in the United States. In this post, we will tackle problems Sprint customers reported especially the ones that happened after the recent Jelly Bean update roll out. Users under other carriers will also be given support in our next editions.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Runs Very Slow After Jelly Bean Update

Of all the emails we received after publishing almost a hundred Galaxy S3 errors and answering some of our readers’ questions, the most common problem Sprint customers complain about after upgrading their firmware to Jelly Bean is that their phones are now running incredibly slow.

I’ve talked with a couple of XDA Developers (third-party Android development experts) I know. They said, it is almost predictable that Galaxy S3 would run slow immediately after the update as the system tries to make things in order. There are apps that are not yet compatible or have some issues with the Jelly Bean. These are the ones that would greatly affect the phone’s performance. But there are workarounds to remedy this problem:

  1. Disabling apps that cause the problem.
  2. Wiping cache partition.
  3. Resetting the phone to its Factory Settings.

Disabling Problematic Apps. Tech-savvy owners won’t have a problem with this because it is as simple as turning on/off the device and they could always find apps that slows down the phone. The problem is with our friends who are not really into technology that much. One way to find an app that’s causing the lags and freezes is to try each one and see which one force closes shortly after being launched. Once found, you could try clearing its data or disabling it, then continue finding others.

Wiping Cache Partition. This one’s a bit advanced but it can be done easily and safely. You just have to press and hold Volume Up and Home buttons while tapping on the Power button. Once inside the Recovery Mode, select option Wipe Cache Partition, then reboot the device and see if the S3 is running fine now. Otherwise, proceed with the next workaround.

Factory Reset. This will delete all data and settings in your phone so you better back them up before you do this. It can be done from the Settings or via the Recovery Mode. This is a very effective workaround so, if you’ve tried the first two solutions and still not satisfied with your Galaxy S3’s performance, try this.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Reverts To Stock Keyboard Once Rebooted

The SwiftKey 3 app is currently the most popular app in the Play Store. It is not surprising to know that many Galaxy S3 owners are using this instead of the stock keyboard because of its features and easy-to-use interface. While it is compatible with the Jelly Bean OS, it is a paid app and currently the Play Store handles paid and free apps differently. That’s where Galaxy S3 SwiftKey 3 problem enters.

Once the S3 (with Jelly Bean 4.1) reboots, all system files and apps are loaded so that by the time it becomes active it can be used without having the user to run the apps manually. After the Jelly Bean update, paid apps are stored in a different directory making them inaccessible during boot that’s why even if the SwiftKey app is set as default keyboard, the S3 reverts to its stock keyboard when booting up simply because it is the only accessible keyboard during such time.

If it needs proving, try to download free keyboard app and make it as default, then reboot your S3. You will see that it remains the default keyboard because the system can access it during the booting.

A report has already been submitted by a developer who pointed out that the problem was not with the app but with the Google Play. Google already acknowledged it and marked the problem “Released.” Meaning, the next update will contain the fix. It is not necessarily a huge OS update; it could be just a small fix in the Play Store.

So, owners would have to wait and set SwiftKey 3 their default keyboard every time they reboot their phones.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Swype Keyboard Disappears

Majority of users who reported having to experience problems with Swype keyboard said that it started disappearing after the Jelly Bean update. A small portion also said some functionality were lost.

The most effective workaround to this problem involves clearing data and cache and disabling the app’s Backup & Sync function. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Settings and find Applications Manager.
  2. Select “All” tab and scroll down to find Swype.
  3. Tap on Clear Data button first, followed with Clear Cache and Clear Defaults.
  4. Go to Swype Settings and choose Swype Connect.
  5. Uncheck Backup & Sync.
  6. Reboot the Sprint Galaxy S3.

It should be working without problems after that.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Apps Crashing

Again, there are compatibility issues between many apps and the Jelly Bean OS. Thus, crashes and freezes are the most common problems. While we have pointed out earlier that these apps needed to be disabled to prevent Galaxy S3 from slowing down some apps are just too useful to dump.

First, it is recommended to clear caches of apps that often crash. If it won’t resolve the issue, you need to check if there are available updates; many developers updated their apps after Google released Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for public use. However, many of incompatible apps cannot be updated, so it is advisable to uninstall them and install a new and updated one.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Settings/Applications Manager Crashes

When there are a lot of apps not working properly, there is a greater possibility Settings app or the Applications Manager would be affected and they, too, would crash, lag and freeze.

The first thing to do is to uninstall problematic apps.

But since Settings and Applications Manager are not functioning well, you have to do it via the Play Store. Then, reboot device to Recovery Mode and wipe cache partition. If it refuses to work after that, do a Factory Reset.


If you are a Sprint customer and currently having problems with your phone (even if it’s not Galaxy S3) do tell us about it and we might just have a solution for you. You can reach us at [email protected] or join our newly-launched forum. You can also try to browse our mailbag section as we may already have published articles addressing your problems.

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