Sony Xperia Z rooted before its global launch


If you are a big fan of Sony’s Xperia line up, you must be familiar with the Xperia Z smart phone. I mean not just familiar, you must be in love with it. The sleek metal design along with its amazing 1080p display has stunned most of us and the company is sure to have gained new followers.

sony xperia Z root


Most of the android users like their devices to have vanilla android, which we don’t get usually except on a device like nexus. But imagine if we could root our phone safely as soon as we get the device from the manufacturer. I know it looks hard and sounds impossible at such an early stage especially when the phone was not even launched globally but a recognized developer, DoomLord at the xda developer’s forum has already managed to root the device, that too without actually having the device.

What I mean is, the user tested some rooting techniques on the device, remotely using TeamViewer and finally managed to root it by modifying the CF AUTO ROOT for Nexus 4 devices. As a result, now you can modify and hack your Xperia Z to any extent and it is also said that this device is very easy to work with in this regard. Also, it is worth noting that Sony manufacturers have been encouraging and helping the users to hack and mod the device by providing some dev tips at the store itself.

Hence, if you already have the device or are planning to get one in the near future, make sure that you bookmark the link given below. The users at the xda developer’s forum have already created a simple tutorial to root your Xperia Z and the entire process is said to be completed within a very short time.

However, make sure that you know the consequences of rooting your device at this early stage. The method, though definite is still in its early stages and there is no recovery tool available. Hence you may want to wait for some time before you go ahead and actually root the device until a working recovery tool is made available.


SOURCE: xda developers