Sony to run new OS from Mozilla in its future releases

Sony is inching away from an already full Android market to collaborate with Mozilla and Telephonica to come up with new cost effective smart phones that run on an operating system that is not Windows or Android based yet still offers all the functionality of these popular operating systems. Mozilla’s new Firefox OS for touch phones and tablets has so far very few takers mostly in startup brands, with no large company throwing its weight behind the OS. Sony’s decision to back the new operating system from Mozilla will lend the software company credibility in the cell phone sector and  spur a new  range of phones and tablets running on Firefox OS.

sony2The popular browser software company is venturing into the hottest market in technology today- that of phones and tablets. However without the backing of a well established hardware company, it is difficult for new software, especially an operating system to make inroads into a highly competitive market. So far, LG, ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei and Geeksphone have committed to incorporating the new operating system into their phones. Samsung has flatly refused to move from popular Android and windows devices, which is unfortunate because the Korean giant could provide the new OS with a huge impetus given its popularity in the market today.

Although Firefox will have a hard time competing with Android and iOS, what works for it is that it is browser based and will attract web based developers to create a plethora of apps for the operating system.

Sony will soon release mobile phones running Firefox OS and partnering with mobile operator Telephonica.


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