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Sony PS4’s 5 principles of user interface


If you happen to be a Sony user, you will know that the company invests a lot of time and resource on their user interface. Sony devices are one of the best looking things in the market right now and their user interface also says the same story.



In yesterday’s PS4 unveiling event held by the company, Sony explained their 5 basic principles of user interface namely simple, immediate, social, integrated and personalized.

The first principle of user interface is simplicity. The user interface of any device should be simple and clean. Any powerful functionality of the phone must be a click away for the user. In this regard, Sony has decreased the time required for gamers to access the content that they want. The PS4 allows the user to put the console in sleep within a few seconds. The user can also power up the device using the controller and can resume from where he had left the game. This makes sure that the user can get on to their gaming ‘immediately’ without any delay.

The PS4 UI is highly socialized. The user can share a 10 second video within a few seconds to their friends. They can even trim it and upload it on to their profiles. The user can even stream their game live to their friends and when he or she feels that they need help with a certain part of the game, the other user can take over the game. One can even use mobile application to stay connected with the device as PS4 is highly integrated.

Sony’s last principle is personalization. The console keeps a track of your likes and dislikes and personalizes your game experience. It constantly learns how you use your controller and sets it for the best possible gaming experience. The console will also download games on the basis of your likes and dislikes and hence you won’t even have to take the pain of manually downloading any game you like as chances are, they may have been already downloaded on your PS4.

Looks like these principles really make PS4’s user interface fun and enjoyable and would really enhance the gaming experience of the user.

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