Sony PlayStation 4 to feature mobile support

Play Station 4 mock up

Most of us know that Sony is hosting an event later this month on the 20th to launch its next gen gaming console, the Sony Play Station 4. And as there are still a few days to go, rumors are still pouring in. But today’s discussion is not based on a rumor, but just a general wondering. Will the new Play Station console come with any kind of mobile device support?

This is because whatever device or service you provide to the consumers today, a smart phone support has become a key point. You are now able to control your TV and other home appliances with your smart phone or tablet today, and you would want the same to happen with your gaming console as well. Maybe you want to control the game with your smart phone instead of the Play Station controller. I don’t know, I am just thinking loud here.

But since Sony is also making Android smart phone from another division in the company, and since Sony has a history in smart phone gaming, will we see a merger between the two dimensions? It would actually be a good move for business. Microsoft has already started building Xbox services into the Windows Mobile operating system, and it also has the Xbox Smart Glass companion app for Android. And Sony has to take on this or it will lose the edge.

So, what are we expecting? A lot of people all around the internet are talking about a Play Station gaming console which will act as a home entertainment nerve center, which will be able to connect and to share to mobile devices. Also, since Android is not the only mobile operating system in the market, consumer would want the company to support the smart phone that they are using. This can be an iPhone, or a Windows Mobile smart phone, or even a BlackBerry. There are a lot of things to do and a lot of features to offer, but what will it be?