Sony PlayStation 4 to come with game-streaming feature

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 will reportedly come with a feature that allows users to stream games on the console, according to an article published by the Wall Street Journal. The console, along with the new game-streaming feature, are scheduled to be revealed this coming Wednesday, February 20, in New York City in the PlayStation Meeting 2013 event.


According to the WSJ, the game-streaming feature had been brought about by Sony’s acquisition of the cloud gaming company Gaikai Inc. last year for $380 million. It may be recalled that around the time of the sale, Sony and Gaikai Inc. already announced the future launch of a cloud-based service based on technology developed by Gaikai Inc.

Game-streaming on the PlayStation 4 is predicted to be the most popular feature of the console. The WSJ says that industry executives have expressed how cloud gaming has various benefits, such as “[keeping] costs low for customers and [allowing] them to easily play intricate games on mobile devices.”

Furthermore, Nvidia Corp. chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang believes that “Cloud gaming makes games much more convenient,” and adds that “It’s instant-on and you can play it about anywhere on any device; it will make for a much larger gaming industry.”

Apart from said feature, Sony is preparing to introduce a host of offerings on its latest console.

One of these is an improved PlayStation Eye Camera that will allow users to enjoy facial recognition and voice chat.

A new controller that includes a touchpad on the console’s front is also allegedly found on the device.

Moreover, Sony will purportedly debut a new design for the console’s thumbsticks and shoulder buttons. The D-pad as well as the front buttons, however, will be unchanged.

The unveiling of the Sony PlayStation 4 is also expected to make way for fresh games, such as the Motorstorm or Killzone 4.

Purportedly, the Sony PlayStation 4 will have a “simpler hardware architecture” according to Softpedia, but will still be more powerful than its predecessor.

Meanwhile. Microsoft Corp., one of Sony’s opponents in the console business, will also launch the next iteration of its gaming console later this year. Some of the features on said device are believed to be similar with the ones found on the Sony PlayStation 4. Among these are an enhanced camera, and an improved Kinect motion controller which would be able to sense and identify the person playing.

Are you excited for the Sony PlayStation 4?

via wsj, softpedia

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