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Sony Play Station 4 is coming on February 20th

Play Station 4 Launch Clue

If you are a gamer, even a casual one, I am pretty sure that you are looking forward to playing on the next generation Play Station from Sony. Well, most of us are. But we still do not have a solid time frame as to when the company may release the gaming console to the market.  Yesterday, we saw that the company released a teaser video along with a tweet about the new gaming console. There may be any hidden messages in the video, or not. But we think that the Wall Street Journal somehow got the secret, encoded message.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the company will announce the new Play Station, known as the Play Station 4, or the Next Play Station if you prefer it that way, on the 20th of this month. But that is just the announcement. The news publication says that the product will be released to the public only later this year, maybe by November at the latest.

Yes, the company is expected to postpone the release of one of the most profitable businesses it has by 10 months, but that is just the Wall Street Journal’s thoughts. We are not sure of this yet. Also, the news publication says that the company will probably release the Play Station 4 only after the Redmond based software giant, Microsoft, releases is gaming console, the Xbox 360. But I really doubt that Microsoft would have told Sony when it would release its gaming console.

Moreover, we have seen how Sony lost a lot of market share last time when it released its updated gaming console a year after Microsoft released its update Xbox gaming console. So, it is safe to think that Sony would not want that to happen to it again. So we can be pretty sure that the release will be soon, soon enough to grab a meaningful amount of market share.

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