Sony Play Station 4 announced

Dual Shock 4 with Play Station 4

As expected, Sony has announced its next generation gaming console, the Play Station 4. The company hosted an event in New York for the announcement. The event went on for two hours, and if you noticed, the company did not even show a picture of the new gaming console. All that we saw are the new controllers called the Dual Shock 4, the tablet integration into the system, the Cloud gaming technology, and a few other details. But no consoles were visible. May be the manufacturer is waiting for the E3 event scheduled to take place in June to show off the complete package.

The new Play Station 4 has some upgraded hardware, for example the gaming console now runs on an x86 CPU with an improved GPU that is claimed to approach two teraflops of performance, and 8GB of GDDR5 system memory paired with an HDD for local storage. There is a new video compression technology implemented which is told to pose no buffering waits. Also, you will be able to instantaneously share the video feed with friends while letting them dive into the game play instantly.

The new controller, the Dual Shock 4, does not appear to be much different from the Dual Shock 3. But the new version has a touch pad up front along with a dedicated Share button. This means that the company has given social activities on the console a lot of focus. Other enhancements include a light bar and a headphone jack.

The gaming console, however, will not support old games, I mean to say Play Station 3 games. So there is no backward compatibility. But there is still (only) one way you can play old games on the new Play Station 4, that is using the company’s new cloud gaming service. Sony bought Gaikai for its cloud gaming technology. Now, the company has uploaded all its old games to the cloud, from where you can stream with ease old games on your Play Station 4 and play them online. This could either mean that gaming is going to the next phase, or that Sony is going to have a huge loss.

The company said that the new Play Station 4 gaming console will be available for sales in the holiday season of 2013. So live with your Play Station 3 till then.

Source: Electronista

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