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Some of the features to look out for on Galaxy Note 8.0

Galaxy Note 8.0 S Pen Hovering

Now the Samsung has made the Note 8.0 official, we would want to know all the new features of the tablet. So here are some of them. We have already seen the hardware part of the tablet a while ago. Now is the time to take a brief look at the software part.

As we have bundled the Wacom based display unit and the S Pen, we get to do a lot of hovering to do on the tablet. This is because the tablet now supports third party apps which support Samsung’s Air View technology. With this technology, you do not need to touch the screen, but just hover over the screen with the S Pen to get a preview of what the folder contains, or the gallery contains, or to get a preview of the video, and much more. With the Note 8.0, you can apply this same technique with the new Flipboard app. You can hover over a tile in the app to get previews of what is inside that tile.

Another important feature of the Note line of devices from the company is the ability to take notes. The Note line was made for this. And this time, along with all the S Note and other S-apps, the company is giving away another new old app. If you are an iPhone user, you would have heard of the app, Awesome Note. This was an iPad app and the developers have released an Android version as well. Just like with iOS, the app will be sold for $4.99 on Android as well. But Samsung is throwing this app in the bundle for free, and this will happen for at least a year, according to Samsung’s officials.

And like other tablets before the Note 8.0, the company has put in phone features in the tablet. This means you get cellular features such as texting, calling, and others. You can put a SIM card in and call your contacts. But this feature will be blocked when the tablet comes States side for some reason.

Well, that was a brief look at what the tablet offers. But we will be looking at these features and more in greater detail. So stay tuned.

Source: Tech Crunch

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