SnapChat introduces new video feature for messages

snap2The latest update to SnapChat allows users to add videos to messages for friends and family. You can now send a personalized video message to your loved one wishing him or her a happy birthday or anniversary. The app is now available on Google’s PlayStore, market place for Android based apps.

Developing the enhancement to add the video feature was not easy according to SnapChat’s developers, stating that there were a number of elements and challenges involved in incorporating these video into messages. The makers of SnapChat have requested users to inform them about compatibility issues so that they can improve the app.

SnapChat’s new video feature enables a user to send 10 second video clips as part of the message. In addition to your written greeting, you can now send a fun new video to surprise your friends and family. The app allows you to configure settings so that the video disappears after the reader views it. The app was released for iOS first and was followed up with Android. Some of the other features of SnapChat are new and improved camera frame rates, navigation speed and a new notification system that can be configured to use different alerts for different callers.

Developers have advised users about integration and compatibility issues that they might face with the enhanced app version on Android. A new update will probably be dispatched soon to help the users achieve better results with their video messages on android.

With SnapChat’s new video feature your wishes will always be face to face and personalized.

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