Slacker Redesigns Web and Mobile UI

Slacker, the online radio streaming service similar to Pandora, has completely redesigned its look starting today. Gone is the old gold and black color scheme which always felt dated and out of place when compared to competitors such as Pandora and Rdio and replaced with something that feels more like it was actually created with modern UI theory in mind, specifically it feels as if several cues were taken from the Metro UI of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The new interface uses blue and white as its main colors and has big bold buttons instead of the older small ones that made the entire experience feel cluttered. The web experience as a whole just feels like a completely new app which is a good thing for what may be a fledgling company compared to its competitor.


The updates to the interface don’t just stop at its web app either, all the mobile apps have been refreshed to fall in line with the new UI. Which as previously mentioned makes it feel like a Windows Phone 8 app. This new design is much welcome for all fans of the service who might have been tempted by Pandora or Rdio as both of those companies continually update and retweak their interfaces to stay more modern and fresh. The Slacker radio service has alwys offered unique takes on the world of Internet streaming radio such as ABC or ESPN news updates able to be placed into a station every so often for those that so desire such a feature and real DJs commenting on upcoming songs in playlists. The service also uses a mix of personalized station tweaking with premade playlists by DJs to create a completely unique listener experience. And with this latest update to its UI the service maybe more appealing than ever to some.

Source: Slacker