Skype to add a new video messaging feature


Rumor has it that Skype is working on a new video features where users can leave short video messages for their Skype partners if they are not available for live chat. According to sources, these messages can be as long as three mins. in the current offering from Skype. Revisions to this feature will probably extend the length of video that can be transmitted as a message to friends and family.

The current feature however has been incorporated only on Mac, Android and iOS platforms. Surprising, considering that Skype was first fully integrated with the Windows operating system before branching out to other systems. One would expect that Skype test its new feature on Windows, with millions of users worldwide working with this operating system. Skype has released a statement however that it is working fast to make this feature available to the Windows community as well. The company is also working on other platforms like BlackBerry to bring this new feature to the newer platforms.

With the latest Skype version, 6.0, users can send instant messages to their Windows Live Messenger, and hotmail comrades. Users can now sign into Skype 6.0 using either their facebook account or their Microsoft account. Skype has worked towards better facebook- Microsoft integration with its new version, 6.0.

The new video feature is exciting, bringing to the table a fun way to leave messages for your friends and family, wish them on special events. Android, iOS and Mac users can download this new version from their respective markets. Windows users will have to wait a bit, until Skype can bring this version to its launch pad operating system. Great new feature from Skype for cool personal messages!

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