SketchBook Pro to bring out endless editing possibilities!


Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Caravaggio would kill to be part of Apple’s new world! We can only begin to imagine the wonders these great men could achieve with today’s technology at their command. Fabulous editing and lighting effects, layering, filters, skin darkening, skin lightening, even tone and a host of other pictures to make ordinary images look like portfolio pictures! The endless possibilities!

All this and more with Apple’s new SketchBook Pro for iPhones and iPods. An app created to bring out the artist in you, the SketchBook Pro is an adaptation of the feature on tablets from the Mac and PC. This app has been equipped with new features like a time lapse recording feature that lets you save speed recording sessions as part of your photo gallery. Another interesting feature from the original version of the app is the smudge brush. The brush quality of the pencil has also been improved by reducing the minimum radius of the brush. The SketchBook Pro app also allows exporting to the Chinese social networking website Sina Weibo.

For the look and feel of a real canvas, the app supports stylus button actions for third party iPad smart pens. With the SketchBook Pro even novices feel like real artists with brush varieties, brush palette scrolling, a canvas that the iPad simulates and the stylus that feels like a brush or pencil in your hand.

Apple seems to be taking over our lives, with its apps penetrating every area ever known to man!

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