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Siri may be on its way to Mac OS

Siri UI Engineer job post listing on Apple

Are you a fan of Siri? Then you must be a fan of Apple as well. And probably, you have an Apple computer or use an Apple laptop for when you are on the move. Would you like to be able to talk to this Apple computer just like you talk to your iPhone or iPad now? Yes, I mean Siri. Anyway, it looks like that might be happening very soon. We got all this from a job posting that the Cupertino tech giant recently posted.

The job posting calls for a Siri UI Engineer, who wants to make the next big thing even bigger and wants to do the impossible. But to be frank, this is not the first time we are coming across a rumor saying that we will be seeing Siri on Mac OS X very soon. Bank in November, 9to5Mac reported that the next version of Apple’s Mac OS X will come with Siri and Apple’s Maps application built into it.

Anyway, if you are interested, you will be an engineer “responsible for implementing the content that appears within the conversational view.” They call it the broad-ranging task, where the engineer will be responsible for all the wide range of tasks that Siri must be able to do while interacting with other applications considering the limited resources.

“We take every application that Siri interacts with, distill it down to fundamentals, and implement that application’s UI in a theme fitting with Siri. Consider it an entire miniature OS within the OS, and you get a good idea of the scope!” the listing reads.

There is no mention of iOS anywhere in the posting, but there are places where the Mac OS X is referred to. Apple needs the engineer to have the knowledge of Apple APIs both from iOS and Mac OS X, as well as “familiarity with Unix, especially Mac OS X.”

So, we may see Siri on Mac OS X pretty soon, or later, or never. But it is better to wait for the official announcement from the Cupertino tech giant before hoping for anything.

Source: Tech Crunch

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