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Silence for Android app review

Silence app for Android

Most of us would have been in situations where our phone would ring and then disrupt the whole scene. For example, you would not want your phone to beep or ring when you are at a funeral, that is just disrespectful. Also, you do not want to keep your smart phone in silent forever and miss calls to project yourself as a jerk who does not attend calls. This means that you will have to change the ringing volume and/ or vibrate mode on and off each and every time you attend or come out of a situation like that. For some of us, it can be everyday if you consider the meetings.

But you do not have to do that manually any more, there are apps for that. Even though there have been such apps in the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store, we are going to look at one particular app today, the Silence app for Android. Silence for Android is not a new app, it has been in the Android Play Store for some time now. Actually, it has already reached version 2.0.

So what are the features of this app? Well, the app lets you schedule the changing of ringing volume or modes on your Android smart phone. So you can set the app to turn on vibrating mode and turn down all the volumes on the smart phone at a particular time. The app will be doing that. And if you have set a timer will that, the app will maintain these settings till that time and then revert to the original settings.

The app will also let you turn on and off the mobile data on your smart phone with respect to time. You can connect it to your Google Calendar to extract events from that. Also, since there is no limit on the number of such events you can schedule, you can map an entire week onto your smart phone. If you are interested, you can try out the Silence app for Android for free from here.

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