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We have all used Amazon once or twice in our lives to buy stuff that we love. We have shopped on Amazon to buy gifts for family and friends, we have ordered our favourite laptops and smart phones and tablets from Amazon, and we have done so much more. One such Amazon fan, who admits to have loved Amazon so much, is Android Authority’s Simon Hill. But today, he has written a blog post of a good length describing seven reasons why to not shop from Amazon anymore.

“I have seven reasons to stop using Amazon and I’m going to share them with you now,” Simon writes. He came to this decision because his Kindle ebook reader died. This is a normal reaction towards a company which does not deliver proper quality goods. Let us discuss his seven reasons first.

  1. The company’s ebook reader, the Kindle, is not of good quality. He says the whole Kindle range is not good. Agreed, Simon is not the only Kindle fan who is disappointed. There have been many such cases in the history of Kindle.
  2. Amazon avoids a lot of taxes and does not pay UK the correct amount of tax the company has to pay. Agreed. But then again, how many such big companies do you think pay proper amounts of tax? Every company wants to retain the maximum amount of money it can, and it tries to find as many loopholes in the government regulations and policies to avoid paying taxes, and these would be legal methods.
  3. Minimum wage workers and poor working conditions. Not all companies care about their employees so much. But there are a few companies such as Google, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and others where employees have so many benefits and really awesome working conditions. But Amazon is not one of those as the company needs to have a lot of huge warehouses to stock all the products that it sells. And people who work in these stocking facilities do not really get paid and do not have a classy working atmosphere.
  4. Amazon has the right to give away your app or book for free, or for a discounted price. If you are a developer/author and you want to sell your app/book, you sign a deal where the company clearly mentions it has the right to discount your product or give it away for free. You know your product will sell well, so you agree.
  5. Amazon kills retail, and since most of us want to shop in the comfort of being at home, we do not really care. We, as consumers, want products for the best price available and if they are delivered to our door steps for free, why wouldn’t we want that? If a retail store near my home starts eCommerce and ships my purchases to my home, I would definitely go for it, leaving Amazon in the dust.
  6. Amazon’s ecosystem is locked down. I do not have any comments as probably I would do the same if I owned a company like Amazon.
  7. Pricing varies on all shopping websites and actually in retail stores as well. This is just how the world works.

So, we now have looked at what Simon says and what I think about it. But I just have one doubt. We don’t we do so much of research on a company such as Amazon when we have everything working great? Would Simon write this post if his Kindle was just fine? Simon’s post is at the source link below.

Source: Android Authority

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