Serial Hackers on the loose


Microsoft has confirmed in what is a disturbing but not unexpected revelation that its systems have been breached into, and that is another victim of the increasing number of hack attacks. The Mac software business units in Microsoft were the targets this time. The company has confirmed that a very small number of PC’s were compromised in that BU. Allaying fears, Microsoft has confirmed to media and users alike that no customer data was compromised.

The number of such incidents has risen since last year and startling reports from antivirus giant McAfee reveal that the number of Trojans devised to steal passwords has risen up to 72 percent in the last quarter of 2012. The largest social network in existence today, Facebook also reported very recently that it was the victim of malicious software, triggering widespread panic across the world about the amount of sensitive data and pictures that have been compromised. Facebook has assured all users that their information uploaded on the site remains secure. Apple has similarly released a statement saying that very few computers were hacked into and no sensitive data was retrieved. The malware that gained access to Apple’s computers was traced back to a website targeting iPhone developers. In addition to technology giants Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have also confirmed security breaches.

Companies that have not yet been hit are beefing up digital and personnel security to monitor and prevent any unauthorized access to systems. Employees are required to follow strict rules to prevent password theft and other forms of data access. Whether it is the same individual or group that is mounting these attacks remains to be seen, but with successful perimeter breaches, cyber law enforcement is under high pressure to catch these troublemakers.

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