Samsung Unable to Fix the Copy-Paste Bug that bricks Galaxy Devices

There’s a relentless outrage towards Samsung from Galaxy users across the world over delay in fixing a clipboard bug that, reportedly, triggers horrendous aftereffects.

What’s the bug all about?

Galaxy device owners have discovered an odd bug in Samsung’s TouchWiz interface- if they use the copy feature more than a certain number of times, their tablet/smartphone’s clipboard app crashes. The issue is largely faced by Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note 10.1 users.

galaxy s3

Once the device gets crashed by clipboard bug, it’s bricked. It requires a factory reset to use the phone’s copy-paste feature again. Quite obviously, users who suffer from the bug lose their important data. There’s a workaround for rooted users, though. Clearing all the contents in the /data/clipboard folder resurrects the device back to life.

Besides, as the bug is specific to Samsung phones, and is not encountered in other Android smartphones, it’s quite obvious that the bug lies in Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, and not in Android OS.

There’s a long thread of complaints regarding the issue on Samsung’s official forum. The issue has also been escalated to a thread on Google’s official Android forum.

Sadly, the issue has been around since October 2012, and continues to be faced by many Galaxy phone owners till date. Despite numerous appeals for fixes through social media and forums, Samsung has been unable to fix the catastrophic bug that crashes such an important smartphone functionality.

A user explains the issue on the thread, and the response he got from the Samsung technicians:

I am experiencing the very same issue in any app where I can copy and paste. The app will hang up and force close when I try to paste text that has been copied. In the stock messenger app, when I select a text that has already been sent, and tap the option to copy message, the app force closes.

@SamsungSupport on twitter recommended that I hard press in a text field, tap on “clipboard”, and erase. Unfortunately, when clipboard pops up, it is not functional. I tap it, and the icon just disappears. They also recommended that I go into “Menu>Settings>Applications>All>Samsung Keyboard, then clear data and cache.” This did not work, and to make things worse it deleted all of my custom Swipe dictionary words.

So far this has been extremely frustrating, having no copy and paste is almost like having a PC without a mouse; crippling. I would love to see JellyBean sooner than later, but it would be smart to get an ICS patch pronto to resolve this high priority issue.

Possible Fixes

In case your own a Galaxy smartphone and face the bug, we advise you to do a factory reset, once. Though the factory reset does not guarantee the removal of bug, it surely is worth a try. In case you get stuck with the bug after resetting your smartphone, you can root your device, and clear the /data/clipboard folder.

However, in case you do not wish to root your device for some reasons, you can wait for the Android 4.1.2 update that, supposedly, solves the issue. Frankly, we’re not sure that the update would rectify the issue. Some galaxy owners on the thread claimed that the Jelly Bean update worked for them, but unfortunately, most galaxy devices are yet to get the official Android 4.1.2 update.

In case you can’t wait for the new Android 4.1.2 update, you can manually install the official update yourself. Just follow these simple steps:

1)      Go to, and create an account.

2)      Click on Firmware.

3)      Click on Firmwares in the second header. Enter the Smartphone specs, and keep the last checkbox as “”Top 10 Latest”.

4)      The search would return various firmware versions based on country/carrier. Download the 4.1.2 version if it’s available.

5)      Flash the downloaded firmware using Odin. To do that, just download Odin 3.07 from here. Open the file and input the downloaded firmware in the PDA tab.

6)      Switch off your device, and turn it on while pressing the power, down and the menu key. That should put the phone in Downgrade mode.

7)      Click on “Flash” and wait patiently till it finishes.

Please note that though Android 4.1.2 upgrade should solve the problem as the issue is largely faced by Android 3.0- 4.0 users, we’re not sure whether the Android 4.1.2 upgrade would necessarily solve the bug.  We would have to wait for Samsung to release a fix in case the update fails to resolve the issue. However, we strongly recommend that you give flashing a try, in case you’re facing the issue.

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