Samsung to release a new operating system, Tizen with new phone range

tizen2Samsung is looking to sunset its long running Bada OS in favor of the new, loaded Tizen operating system. Bada was featured in some of Samsung’s first touch offerings and has no place in this new world of smartphones running Android and Windows 8 to provide the users with a new host of apps and services.

Instead of completely doing away with Bada however, Samsung has decided to integrate the previous OS with the new Tizen OS. The operating system this time round however will be different. Tizen will be an open source project similar to Nokia’s MeeGo. This means that developers will get a chance to work with the OS code and tweak it to create fun, intelligent, useful apps. Samsung- the leader of Android OS, incorporated into so many of its super phones- has recently forayed into the world of Windows, with the release of Windows 8, the new touch operating system. Following suit however are a bunch of other phone manufacturers that are also featuring Android and Windows in their new phones. Samsung is looking for a feature to set it apart from the crowd, the way Bada did for Samsung during the early years of phone development. Bada was synonymous with Samsung as it was the company’s proprietary operating system.

The Korean electronics giant is looking for something similar, the likes of Bada but made to rival Android and Windows OS and it hopes to achieve this using the new OS, Tizen. Tizen is backwardly compatible with Bada but phones running Bada OS cannot upgrade to the new Tizen.

Once the new range of phones Samsung is developing its release, Tizan’s prowess as an operating system will soon be assessed.


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