Samsung managers arrested


Samsung is on the verge of getting a bad name on its shoulders, because of three negligent managers. There was a hydrofluoric gas leak at one of the company’s plants recently in Hwaseong, Korea. This leak is reported to have killed one worker and injured four others. The company could go into a series problem for this. However, the responsible managers are held in custody for now.

There was an investigation about this, and there have been some wrongdoings by the company itself. The people over at the company’s plant did not report the leak to the police until the worker was declared dead at the hospital. This has led to some doubts, and the reason why the company came under fire. The company was fined for this, and just when the managers at the company thought this was all over, it got worse.

The government authorities thought that the company has cheated them on it by hiding evidences and not producing the proper and complete CCTV tapes for the investigations. They believed the South Korean smart phone giant failed to cooperate for the investigation.

Then investigation began and a week later, they announced that the hydrofluoric gas leak was happening outside the plant as well.  Tech Eye writes, “After viewing CCTV footage taken inside the Central Chemical Supply System (CCSS), the authorities said they had spied four maintenance crew members from the plant discharging hydrofluoric acid using a huge ventilator inside the CCSS, they said, despite Samsung’s earlier claims that the situation had been contained. Police now claim that the source of the leak was as a result of the deterioration of rubber seals on the gas container valves and corroded bolts. As a result, the three managers could face charges of negligent homicide.”

This is very important for an organisation in the manufacturing industry which is dealing with deadly gases and liquids, because it can lead to loss of life, as has happened in this case unfortunately.

Source: Tech Eye

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