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Samsung Knox Software Provides Top-notch Business Security for Professionals

Samsung Knox Software on the Galaxy S3

[Photo Credit: The Verge]

The concept of bring your own device (BYOD) has become a popular one in the professional work scene in the last few years. There are many employees who respect the phone choices of their companies, but desire to have their own personal smartphones and tablets that differ from their company’s preferences. Home Depot decided to remove its Blackberry phones as the brand of choice and provide iPhones for its employees. Some employees may desire a Blackberry or Samsung, for example. While iPhones are becoming the smartphone of choice for business, Samsung is seeing a resurgence of its smartphones in the workplace. It’s Galaxy Note smartphones and tablets are being marketed in the workplace for business professionals.

Even with Android and iOS devices in abundance, Internet security has been a problem. It is no secret that smartphones and tablets have been the subject of hacking and malicious attacks. With the recent attack on Microsoft Office software for Mac OS users, it is apparent that company work and secrets are at risk of exposure. Information can be placed in the hands of those who do not know what to do with the information or desire to use it for malicious means.

With such security risk for businesses, Samsung’s Knox software has come to the rescue. It provides professionals with the tools they need to check their email, surf the web, log in to company websites and access company files without worry of hacking, virus, or the breach of Internet security.

The software will work by being installed as part of the smartphone or tablet’s software.  Users can maintain both personal and work accounts on their smartphones and select the Knox icon at the bottom left of the smartphone screen when they want to have a safe environment in which to explore their work information. When they want to use or access their personal info, they can click out of the Knox software.

Although Apple’s iPhones are being used in the corporate world in droves, Samsung has an advantage over Apple. Apple’s voice command, Siri, has been under fire for the risk that Siri records company secrets. IBM and other top companies have told their employees to cut Siri off and deactivate her before entering the workplace. If Samsung can assure professionals of Android’s commitment to Internet security, it can dominate the workplace in the same way that it now dominates consumer demand.

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