Samsung HomeSync to Compete with Apple TV

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Here’s a great news for those who love to stream movies, TV shows, music, games and apps. Samsung recently announced at the Mobile World Congress 2013 event that they will be releasing in April the HomeSync which is said to be the company’s response to the growing popularity of the Apple TV. The black and gray box is both a streaming device as well as a storage device for media content.

According to an iClarified, the Samsung HomeSync is an Android device that will offer users ways to stream movies, TV shows, music, games and even applications or apps to their home television allowing the users and the whole family to watch the contents on their high definition 1080p television. The article stated that just like its rival the Apple TV, streaming on the gadget can be done wirelessly through the users’ smart phone specifically through their Samsung Galaxy devices.

The Samsung device runs on an unspecified version of the Android Jelly Bean media player and has an operating system and basic storage of 8GB SSD and 1GB RAM. However, unlike Apple TV, the product can be used as a storage device for media content and is in fact equipped with a 1TB Hard Drive that makes this device so appealing. This feature clearly makes it easy for users to synchronize the gadget to multiple devices and allows the user to create a shared or private content. Because the 1TB hard drive is quite large, it can support up to 8 accounts which means that up to 8 members of the family can download content from their devices and store it into Samsung HomeSync’s hard drive. Once content is shared in the device, it can then be viewed on the home TV anytime and by any member of the family. Privately stored content however is encrypted with a password and can only be used by the account owner. This is one feature of the Samsung HomeSync that cannot be enjoyed by Apple users as they have taken away the local storage capacity of the Apple TV for a streaming-only solution.

Furthermore, a report from the Verge says that the new Samsung product may very well be considered as Google TV, which it is not in reality as it will only have access to the Google Play Store but it will not be carrying the Google brand. This means that the users can gain access to the said Google app store and take advantage of what the app store has to offer directly from their TV.

While it is definite that the new product will be available in the US by April after the announcement was made publicly at the MWC event, there is no word as of today from Samsung’s top management about how much it would charge the avid fans of Samsung. It is worthy to note however that despite the fact that it is still to be released, the HomeSync is slowly gaining some critics. Some of whom are asking whether it can handle streaming protocols like Miricast.

Source: iClarified

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