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Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems, Errors and Fixes – Part 11

I guess it’s time to publish yet another blog that tackles about problems with the Samsung Galaxy S3. As the title says, this is the 11th edition of our series. It took us about two weeks to publish this story because we had to provide support for our readers who own different devices. But after the 10th edition, we published two blogs focusing on problems Sprint and AT&T Galaxy S3 owners were complaining about.

In this post, we will still be answering some questions from our readers as there are still hundreds of emails that were left unanswered. If you’ve just tuned in, please try to browse the first 10 posts we’ve published about errors and problems of the Galaxy S3. You may refer to the little box on the right for links.

Before anything else, I would like answer one of the questions our readers sent us: “I’ve read all your posts, 10 of them, providing solutions to problems S3 owners have experienced. Does it mean the device sucks because there are a lot of problems?

That’s one way to look at it. After 10 editions, there were around a hundred of problems that we’ve addressed. That’s enough to call the S3 “problematic” in nature. But the thing is, majority of the problems we received and addressed were not serious. Those were problems you and I may experience anytime, anywhere. For example, the connectivity; many of our readers reported to not being able to browse or connect to the internet but the problem occurred not because of the phone but because of the network.

The point is, it is easier to blame the phone if we don’t know what the problem is. While we want to focus on more serious problems, we can’t just disregard non-techie people who were asking for our help to resolve even simple problems.

That said, we are still open to receive questions, concerns and problems you may be experiencing right now with your Samsung Galaxy S3. You can send us email at or join our forums so you can discuss your problems with other staff including myself.

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