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Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors, User Problems, Solutions and Workarounds – Part 6

A week and five articles after we published the first Galaxy S3 Errors/Problems article, we are still receiving a lot of questions from our readers. Apparently, there are still a lot of people facing a problem or two while using Samsung’s flagship phone. So, we will continue publishing articles like this addressing problems our readers reported. For those who may have just tuned in, feel free to read the first five articles of this series.

Q: First,  a big thank you for the series on our S3! My WiFi drops out (only the upload arrow stops) occasionally.  While I’m right beside my router too. A quick settings WiFi off/on resumes operation. Still running vzw  4.1.1 i535. Not so anxious to get the JB update after reading your latest. Thanks.

– Bo.

A: Yes, a simple toggle on that WiFi switch can solve this problem and perhaps that’s the easiest solution. The latest Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 i535 has become notoriously popular in the last couple of weeks as more and more owners reported to be experiencing problems after they have updated their device. One of the most common problems is slow charging or incorrect battery stats.

Q: Hi there! Your recent series of articles is a huge help! I’m new to android and made the jump after the iPhone 5 failed to wow me. I really like my S3 but one annoying problem is how it can be picky about memory cards. I bought the biggest and fastest I could find at the time, a SanDisk 64gb sdxc class 10. Problem is, it randomly mounts, unmounts, corrupts the file structure. I did a quick Google and it seems to be a common problem. Some even had hardware problems such as frying the cards. Think you can add this to your next installment of issues article? It would help a lot of users! Thanks.

– Ken M

A: It is a known problem in Galaxy S3 community and neither Samsung nor carriers provided solution to this problem. There were rumors that the device has some issues with select brands of SD cards but none of them were true. What’s interesting is that one of XDA devs (these are third-party developers building custom ROMs and mods) flashed a custom ROM based on Android 4.2.1 AOSP firmware and he claimed the occasional un-mounting problem was gone. I think the next update may fix this problem if it’s software-related.

Q: On my S3 I have a recurring problem whereby the volume control randomly appears onscreen and automatically sets to the highest level.  When I attempt to drag the slidebar left (lower) the setting jumps back to high when I release it.

Steve K, London

A: So far, the problem I’ve encountered before, which I think is the closest to the one you’re facing, was the locked volume. There was no way I could turn the volume slider up but I was knew the problem had always been triggered by the stock music app. I cleared data of the music app and the problem was resolved. Please try to be mindful of that problem of yours and take note which app or action triggers it. How often do you experience it, by the way?

Q: I’m running 4.1.2 stock rom and I have a problem with my camera. If I open the app the camera will just work fine. After 5 sec the screen freezes and it reboots. I hope you can help me.

– Benjamin

A: Benjamin, did you notice if there is a yellow box around the shutter because it might just be an app-specific problem. It’s too early to say what caused this problem but this is a known issue encountered by S3 owners after the Jelly Bean update. Tried using third-party app from the Play Store and see if it works fine. If it does, then there is a reason for us to believe the stock camera app has issues. One thing to resolve them is to clear the data of the app: Settings => Application Manager => Camera => Clear Data. I hate to say this but I also think a factory reset might work, though I advise you to back up all your data before you do this.

Q: I am catching hell trying to stream music from my Sprint S3 to the HTC Bluetooth stereo clip device.  I know the device works because I was able to stream music from my old bb curve while driving in the car. Do you have any suggestions to get this this work on the s3?

– Hubert

A: Was the pairing between your S3 and Bluetooth successful? It is difficult to know what the real problem is based on your statement. If you could just get back to us and tell us in detail what you’re experiencing or what errors you’re getting, we might be able to help you with this problem. However, just in case there is a problem in media routing, I suggest you try using SoundAbout app from the Play Store. It perfectly routes media audio to any audio devices.

Note: We, The Droid Guy, are not in any way affiliated with the developer of this app. It’s just that the apps often resolves audio-related problems in Android devices.

Q: The camera is pretty impressive although in other phones like some of the HTC range they have manual controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. I sometimes find the auto setting a little too dark in some lighting and detail is replaced with just a dark area . They also have slow motion on some phone like the HTC One S I owned previously this was very cool. Also there’s no option to save a lot of the settings so every time you launch the camera they have to be readjusted. All these factors seem to sell it short I’m afraid for a phone that boasts a great camera. I’m aware of custom mods but that requires rooting and the mods don’t always work or have no clear installation instructions. An update opening more of the above options would be amazing I’d even pay for it!

A: You’re not alone. Many users have been bugging Samsung about this but it seems like the company is not willing to make a compromise on this. While Galaxy S3’s brightness and picture seem perfect for average users, photography enthusiasts have their way to make things better so they need control over brightness to manipulate the outcome. As much as I don’t want to say it I think it would remain this way until the manufacturer stops producing the model. For now, the only way to manually adjust brightness and other display enhancements is to flash custom ROMs like CyanogenMod in the device. However, there are risks involved in the doing this so, many just don’t want to take that route.

As far as brightness adjustment is concerned, there is an app in the Play Store that would allow you to manually adjust brightness in your Galaxy S3, it’s called Display Brightness. It might do the trick for you.

Note: We, The Droid Guy, are not in any way affiliated with the developer of this app.

Q: Hi.. I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 I love it however I find it annoying that I can’t control the volume for three camera shutter. Every time I take a picture even my phone is mute you can still hear it. Really annoying specially ignorant you are in one meeting or you just want to take a picture discretely. I used to have a Samsung nexus and as long as it was in mute the camera will not make any noise. Is there any way I can fix this. In the settings options for the camera you can’t find a volume option to control it. Please help.

A: I’m afraid you have to root your Galaxy S3, which will void your warranty, in order to disable that shutter sound. There are, however, several workarounds you can do in case you can’t bear hearing it. Here are two most practical ways you can use.

First, use third-party apps. There is a lot of camera apps that you can download and install for free. The best example is the Silent Camera; it doesn’t require your device to be rooted to function.

Second, record a video of things you want to get capture in a still shot. May I remind you that Galaxy S3 has a video snapshot feature wherein you can take a screenshot from a recorded video. It’s a hassle, though.

Q: Why does my WiFi turn on when I have it turned off.  Is it a app doing this and can I stop it.  It is wasting my battery.

– William

A: This issues, if I’m not mistaken, has already been fixed during the first Jelly Bean update roll out. So, the first advise I could give you is to see if there is an available update for your phone. If there is, then you should update now, otherwise, follow the instructions below to stop Galaxy S3 from automatically turning on WiFi.

Step 1: Launch Phone Dialer.

Step 2: Dial *#0011# to enter Service Mode.

Step 3: Tap on Menu button when you’re inside Service Mode and select WiFi.

Step 4: Turn WiFi Power Saver Mode OFF and exit the window.

Step 5: Go to WiFi settings and turn it off. This time, it wouldn’t turn itself back on.

Q: Hi there! I have the S3 LTE on EE and is running 4.1 my friend has the S3 on another network and is running 4.2. All he had to do to update his was to press update but mine doesn’t have that option. Is there an easy way to update. Many thanks.

– David

A: You provider may still be working on the next update while your friend’s may have finished the development earlier. The point is, updates for carrier-subsidized phones totally depend in the timeliness of the carrier to rollout new updates. Go to Settings => About phone => Software Update, if you cannot find new updates then your carrier may still haven’t rolled it out yet.

Q: Hello, few weeks back my SIII got updated to 4.1.2 since then I’m facing a some software issues.

1) This dialog box appears “unfortunately the has stopped”

2) Play store doesn’t opens at all. Have to restart the device in order for the smooth operation.

please do rectify this issue and help me get my same old amazing SIII back.

Thanks in advance.

A: Actually, these two problems you mentioned are connected. In fact, they’re the same. The first one is simply a notification that a certain system file that handles Google app, in this case it’s the Play Store, has stopped working. Consequently, you will not be able too launch the Play Store app as it may freeze your phone or reboot it. The solution for this is to enable the Download Manager in your phone: Go to Settings => Application Manager => All tab => Download Manager => Enable.


We will be answering more questions, so stay tuned. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at

The best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

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Have Other Questions?  Answers may be in our How To section.

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