Samsung Galaxy S3 errors, user problems, recommendations and workarounds – Part 9

We will be answering more questions in this post; this is the 9th part of our ‘Galaxy S3 Errors’ series. As of this writing, we have more than 500 emails in our inbox from our readers asking us to provide some solution, workarounds and fixes to their problems. About 80 percent of those emails are unanswered. While we know how to fix known problems/issues with the Galaxy S3, many of the problems asked by our readers are unusual.

The worse thing is, we haven’t experienced those problems or errors so we have to speak with some experts and people who have vast knowledge of Android. That will take a lot of time because we experiment, find possible solutions, wait for response from the people we’ve talked to and write the article. So, please be patient with us if we can’t immediately answer your questions. Rest assured we are reading every question we receive.

For our readers whose problems mentioned in this post or the previous ones but weren’t resolved, we urge you to register in our Forums, which was recently launched for this purpose. Please post your questions there and we will actively answer them.

Galaxy S3 Email Notification Not Working

Problem: I am having issues receiving my mail e-mail notifications. All my settings in Gmail and email are turned on, but I don’t get any notifications. I’m constantly checking my mail to see if I got any. I didn’t have any issues with this until I recently updated my software through Samsung KIES. There is no more blue flash or mail symbol in my notification screen. What can I do to fix this problem?

Solution:  This is, actually, a known issue. Out of four developers I’ve talked to regarding this issue, only one said he encountered almost the same problem before. His case was that the email notification was not working but the LED indicator was just fine and it wasn’t update-related issue. He recommended that wiping data in cache partition MIGHT just be able to fix this problem. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make sure you have backed up everything.
  2. Turn your phone OFF.
  3. Press and Hold the following buttons: Volume Up + Home button while tapping on Power button.
  4. Use Volume keys to browse options, choose Wipe Cache Partition.
  5. Reboot System Now

Transfer Music from Internal Memory to SD Card

Problem: Just bought a 64gig micro SD card to put 29 gigs worth of music on but seems not to accept 90% off the MP3’s I put on it. Have tried through iTunes , WMP, easy sync and a few others and nothing seems to work. Do I have to root my phone to do this?

Solution: Wow, you have a large collection of music and transferring it from your internal memory to the SD card using your phone will take so much time, not to mention the errors you may encounter along the way. You said that  it “seems not to accept 90% of the MP3’s” you put on it, that’s one of the errors I’m talking about. So, let’s make things simpler here:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer. When you do that, make sure your computer is connected to the internet so necessary drivers will be downloaded automatically and your phone will be detected properly.
  2. You will be able to see a “media device” under My Computer and there are two locations inside that media device: Phone and Card.
  3. The safest way to do it is to copy/cut the music folder (or any folder that contains music) from your phone to your SD card through your computer.

Now, in case you really want to transfer music without connecting your phone to your computer, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Download and Install File Manager from the Play Store. It’s free.
  2. Launch the app after installation.
  3. Look for “Multi” icon at the top and turn it on.
  4. Now you can select files you want transferred to your SD card.

And to answer question, no you don’t need to root your device to be able to transfer your music to your SD card.

Galaxy S3 Not Detecting Bluetooth Headsets

Problem: I have tried four different kinds of Bluetooth headsets ranging from Jabra, Plantronics to Sony brands but it seems like Galaxy S3 cannot connect to them. It says “paired” on my phone but “not connected.” Do you know a solution or maybe a workaround to fix this problem? I already tried resetting my phone to its factory settings as I was advised by my friend it could help, but it didn’t work.

Solution: It is another known issue with Galaxy S3. Other users even complain they couldn’t pair their devices. Other speculations suggest the phone only detects popular brands of Bluetooth headsets. If you’ve already exhausted all possible fixes, perhaps it’s time to contact your provider or Samsung about the problem. But before that, I want you to try installing an app specifically built to fix Bluetooth issues with the S3. It’s name is Bluetooth Auto Connect, which is offered at the Play Store for free.

Galaxy S3 False Message Notification

Problem: The message icon indicates I have 1 unread message but when I open it, there’s none. I tried to clear all of my messages to see if it will be gone, too, it didn’t. Up to now, I’m still seeing the notification and it seems like it’s not going away. Can you help me fix this?

Solution: This was a known bug in 2012 when Samsung Galaxy S3 was still running Ice Cream Sandwich. Since many users have recently reported this problem, the Jelly Bean update may be the culprit. There are actually two workarounds you can try to resolve this problem, they are as follow:

Clearing Data 

  1. Tap on the Menu button from the Home screen.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Find and tap Applications Manager.
  4. Find Message and tap on it.
  5. Press Clear Data button, followed by Force Close.

Clearing Memory 

  1. Press and hold the Home button. Once recent items show up, look to the left to find the Task Manager button, tap on that.
  2. When you’re inside the Task Manager page, tap on the RAM tab.
  3. You can a button that says Clear Memory, tap on that.
  4. Go back to Home screen and see if the notification is gone.

So far, these workarounds are effective in fixing the fake notification problem. However, the issue may return in the future unless Samsung releases a new update to fix it.

Galaxy S3 Has Horizontal Line On Display

Question: My galaxy S3 often shows some fluctuating horizontal lines while browsing internet and they are clearly seen on a blank white page. Is this a display problem?

Answer: If you’ve noticed this after a few months of using the phone, then you have a keen eye. Majority of Galaxy S3 owners couldn’t notice there are horizontal and vertical lines that would appear from time to time especially when you’re using the browser. Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology is undeniably amazing but there are downsides to it. This particular problem may often occur when auto brightness is enabled. And you can notice it when using the browser because Galaxy S3 has a separate brightness level for its browser. My advice is be vigilant; if the horizontal line becomes darker and darker, you might as well contact Samsung or your provider.

Galaxy S3 Palm Swipe To Capture Not Working

Problem: Hi. I’ve been having an issue with the palm swipe option to capture the screen. When I first had my phone it worked great! Now it won’t work at ALL! And that was a feature I used frequently. Is there any way to fix this and is their other complaints about this feature just suddenly failing to work? Thanks!

Solution: I bet you haven’t checked if the Palm Swipe to Capture feature is enabled or not. There is actually a setting for that; you have to check that option for it to work I assume you haven’t done any troubleshooting steps yet, so, let’s just do the basic for now.

  1. From your Home screen, tap on the Menu button.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Scroll down and find Motion from the list of options.
  4. Scroll down again and you can find Palm Swipe to Caption option. Make sure that small box to the right is checked.
  5. Try taking screenshot again and see if it works.

Galaxy S3 Contacts Gone After Jelly Bean Update

Problem: I have updated my phone firmware to 4.1.2 and now my contacts are gone.. I have to restart my phone in order to have the contacts back. Any suggestions on how to prevent this to happen? its annoying to keep on restarting the phone. Appreciate any help. Thanks.

Solution: The recent Jelly Bean update comes with a bug that saves your contacts locally making them undetectable most of the times. As a workaround, please try this:

  1. Navigate to Contacts page
  2. Tap on the Menu button, left of the Home button
  3. Tap Merge with Google option.

Let me know if its works for you.

Galaxy S3 Keyboard Sensitivity

Question: Love the G3 phone but have issue with keyboard. It is very sensitive such that I often do not have to touch screen (or I barely brush a letter key) for keyboard to pick a letter next to the letter I really wanted. My finger has to approach and leave letter key as perpendicular as possible. This causes many typo errors and slows my text entry to a crawl. Is there a way to decrease keyboard sensitivity? Thanks. Keep up the GREAT work!

Answer: No, you cannot adjust the sensitivity of the keyboard in Galaxy S3. There are, however, apps from the Play Store that offer a different feel to the keyboard. You should try SwiftKey, it might work better for you than the stock Samsung keyboard.

Galaxy S3 Cannot Be Detected By Computer

Problem: Whenever I connect S3 to computer all I get is a charge. It doesn’t show up in Windows Explorer. I downloaded the latest USB driver from Samsung web site…no luck.

Solution: I’m not sure if we’re on the same page here but if you’re expecting a USB Mass Storage device will show up under My Computer after you connect your phone, that wouldn’t happen because the Galaxy S3 will be seen as a “media device.” Under that there would be two directories namely, Phone and Card.

Galaxy S3 Keyboard Reverts To Default

Problem: I downloaded a new keyboard that I wanted to use. I went into the settings and set it as my default keyboard. However, every time I turn my phone off, it resets my default keyboard back to Samsung keyboard. This is annoying because Samsung keyboard does not have autocorrect on it (as far as I know).

Solution: Setting up a default keyboard would always work, so your case is really weird. When you already have a new keyboard installed and you can’t stand the cycle of setting a default keyboard every time your device reboots, then remove Samsung Keyboard. It is safe to remove it as long as you have a different keyboard installed. But have you tried clearing the cache partition? It might just help solve this issue as it deletes all cache data and settings in your phone and replace them with new ones. So, you might want to try that first.


We will be answering more questions, so stay tuned. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

The best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

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