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Samsung Galaxy S3 errors, problems, questions and fixes – Part 7

We are now in the 7th edition of our Galaxy S3 Errors series. In this post, we will still answer many of the questions our readers sent use this past couple of days. There is a bunch of them so we might also be publishing part 8. If you, too, are having a problem with your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, try reading the first 6 posts we’ve published last week.

Galaxy S3 Auto Login

Problem: Hi, when using the Samsung s3 browser it gives me the option to automatically login to Google when on the Google site (this happens via a yellow drop down box). I have tried to turn this off as anybody could login automatically to my Google account if they have my phone. I have managed to stop Chrome doing this but not the Samsung browser. For now I have put a password lock on the browser. I would appreciate any ideas – I was wondering if the S3 is hard wired to provide auto login to Google?

Many thanks.

– Neil

Answer: Google will always try to acquire as many data as possible in your Android phone so it’s better to turn off some of the services in your browser. Here’s what you should do:

1. Launch your stock browser.

2. Tap on Menu button, then you can find left of the Home button.

3. Choose Settings.

4. Uncheck Enable Location.

Galaxy S3 Wakeup Lag

Problem: Hello! I have a really annoying issue with my GS3 and I’m not sure how many people have the same but I couldn’t find much on the Web to solve it. The issue is that whenever I press the power button or the home button to turn on the screen it takes two seconds to turn on! Is there a fix for this?

Answer: Actually, it is normal if you’ve activated S-Voice. There is a second or two delay whenever you press the Home or Power button to wake the device up because Galaxy S3 waits up for the second press to load S-Voice. If you can stand this short delay, try turning off the S-Voice.

1. In Home screen, tap on Menu button.

2. Choose Settings, then Applications Manager.

3. Scroll down a bit to find S-Voice in the list of applications.

4. Uncheck Launch S Voice option.

Galaxy S3 In-Call Issues

Problem: During a voice call, sometimes my Samsung galaxy S3 goes to vibration mode and start searching WiFi connection without any commands. This occurs only when the screen is on. Sometimes mobile data mode is activated automatically during the voice calls. what should I do to correct this problem.

Answer: By default, Samsung Galaxy S3 is set to notify you via vibration if you have new incoming emails even when you’re on a call. You can turn this option off if you find it annoying rather than being useful.

1. Launch Phone app.

2. Choose Settings, then Call Alert.

3. Uncheck Alerts on Call.

Or you can simply disable Galaxy S3 vibration:

1. Phone app.

2. Settings

3. Vibrate, set to Never.

Galaxy S3 Flashing Red Border

Problem: I updated my S3 to 4.1.2 recently, however its functionality in certain aspects has been affected by the new installation e.g. A flashing red margin at the phone edges seems to briefly affect functionality. Is has also slowed down apps functioning. Is there a way of fixing such issues the affect usage with the 4.1.2 update? Please help.

– Abbey

Answer: This is a known problem reported by users who have recently updated their Galaxy S3 to the latest Jelly Bean version. While many say it is a glitch, it’s not. It’s one of the phone’s way to tell its user that an app is taking to so long to load; it is a part of developer options that you can enable or disable as you like.

1. From the Home screen, tap on Menu button.

2. Choose Settings and browse through the list to find Developer Options.

3. Uncheck both Strict Mode and Show Screen Update Mode.

4. Reboot and see if it still continues.

Galaxy S3 Cannot Move Apps to SD Card

Problem: I bought SD card for my phone but I am having trouble saving apps to the card. I down loaded “apps 2 sd” but I am not seeing anything happen. What do you suggest? Is there a YouTube video I can watch?

Answer: Yes, this is one of the things you cannot enjoy with Galaxy S3 especially when you’re a carrier-abiding user. You will need root access to be able to move select apps to an external storage device (SD card). While rooting your device will unleash its real power, it will also void your warranty and the process is a bit risky. Unless you are willing to take that risk, and unless Samsung releases an update to allow such process, you are bound to save all your apps in the internal memory. See if this video is useful for you.

Galaxy S3 S Suggest Not Available

Problem: S suggest in my galaxy is not available in my country. Is there any way to make it available? And also are there any knew software updates for the Galaxy S3 because I really need to update my software. Thank you.

Answer: Yes, S Suggest is not available to some regions but it doesn’t mean you’re restricted to use it. Our XDA Dev friends have an .apk for S Suggest. You can download it and install it in your device. To know if there are updates available for your phone, follow directions below:

1. Tap Menu button from the Home screen.

2. Choose Settings among other options.

3. Select About Phone.

4. Tap on Software Updates to manually initiate search.

Alternatively, you can connect your device to your computer and run the Samsung KIES.

Galaxy S3 Signal Problem

Problem: My husband and I both have Samsung Galaxy S3s. I personally have not had any problems with signal but his phone has signal issues all the time. There will be times that we will be together and I have 4G and he has no signal this requires him to restart the phone. He does is very often is this normal or is this a defect in his actual phone?

Answer: I couldn’t actually tell if it’s a defect considering your husband’s phone is still picking up signal, though, weaker than yours. But let me ask, was there an instance when your phone got weaker signal than your husband’s? I hope it can help make things a little clearer but 4G does not “blanket” as good as 3G signal. More often, you’ll get stronger signal outside your home than inside because the signal decreases or loses power when it passes through a media. Have you tried calling your provider? If this occurs at home and your husband is having problems because of this, I think carriers can provide signal extender at home.

Galaxy S3 Volume Muted

Problem: I’m running 4.1.1, after update every time I turn on phone it starts out with volume on mute, I then have to switch it to sound on.  Called Samsung and they had no answer?

Answer: Try to check if Silent Mode is enabled in your Galaxy S3. Follow directions below:

1. Bring up Settings window by tapping Menu button from the Home screen.

2. Choose Sound, then check if the Silent Mode is enabled; if it is, uncheck the box.

Galaxy S3 Earphone Icon Not Showing

Problem: I connect my phone through my car speakers whilst driving and have not been able to do this the last few days. I have noticed that under the accessory settings there is no longer the option to choose earphones.  Does this have something to do with the new update and how can I get this back?

Answer: Yes, the latest update was the culprit why you’re not seeing that earphones icon. After you’ve updated your device, default settings of the OS prevented the icon from appearing but you can bring it back:

1. Tap Menu button from the Home screen and choose Settings.

2. Scroll down and find Accessory option and tap on that.

3. You should see Earphones and under that Audio Applications with checkboxes. Just tick on the box and you should now be seeing earphones icon in the panel again.

Galaxy S3 Email Background Settings

Problem: I have a Galaxy S3 model GT-I9305T running Jelly Bean 4.1.1. The native email client is very difficult to read with the color system and I cannot find any settings to change this color. It’s black background with grey text. Until you actually click on an email and read it the background changes to white with black text. Only once inside an individual email though. The only setting I can see is Font size which doesn’t help as you are still unable to see the grey text on black background.

Answer: In Galaxy S3, changing email background color is part of power saving settings so that’s where you want to go.

1. Bring up Settings by tapping Menu button from the Home screen.

2. Choose Power Savings and you can find Background Colour from there.

Galaxy S3 Facebook App Problem

Problem: I am using my S3 from AT&T. My Facebook and Facebook messenger is not loading properly at times when connected to Wi-Fi. It’s working good from laptop and other phones. Even if I am close to router it doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s app problem or os. Also Google maps not working with mobile data at times even when the signal is good. Need to restart the device to make it work. Any fix. Please advise. Thanks.

 – Jothikrishna

Answer: If a mere reboot can fix your issue then it means it’s app-specific problem. You just have to clear data of the apps you’re having problems with:

1. Call on Settings app by tapping Menu button from the Home screen.

2. Select Applications Manager and scroll down to find Facebook app.

3. Tap on Clear Data button and do the same to other apps.


We will be answering more questions, so stay tuned. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at

The best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

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Have Other Questions?  Answers may be in our How To section.

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