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Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors: Answering questions/problems from our readers – Part 10

This tenth edition of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors/Problems series is dedicated to answer questions and problems our readers sent us. In case your problem(s) is not mentioned here, try to browse our first 9 posts to see if it’s included in one of those posts. Otherwise, do send us an email at [email protected] or join our newly-launched forum.

Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE – Display of Numbers Instead of Name/Identification

For incoming call and messaging; only the phone number would be displayed instead of name/identification assigned. However, ‘whatsapp’ application shows the name/identification. Prior to the update of software, the all working fine showing the name/identification assigned. Appreciate your help.

Thank you.


It has become a known issues after the rollout of Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S3. Unfortunately, no one can explain why it happened; Samsung didn’t provide an explanation either. Even XDA Devs who have been developing custom ROMs and mods cannot provide a solution to this problem. So, users are left hanging to speculate if this problem is carrier-specific or caused by the recent updates. A few workarounds have been recommended by people who claimed to have fixed the problem.

1. Merge contacts with Google

a. Go to Contacts

b. Press Menu button

c. Choose Merge with Google

2. Clear Contacts and Contacts Storage data

a. Go to Settings

b. Choose Applications Manager

c. Choose Contacts, tap on Clear Data button.

d. Choose Contacts Storage, tap on Clear Data button.

3. Reboot

4. Re-sync Google Account

a. Settings

b. Accounts & Sync

c. Tap Google Account

d. Make sure Sync Contacts option is checked.

e. Tap Sync Now button.

5. Reboot again

Alternatively, as a workaround, you can use third-party apps like the one you mentioned, Whatsapp, or Go Contacts app.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Factory Headphone Microphone Issue?

I have been googling for an answer to a dilemma that I’m having with my new Galaxy S3 (sprint) phone. When I record on the voice recorder, record audio on the “What’s App” App, or make a phone call WITHOUT the headphones/built in mic, I have absolutely no problems.

However, I just plugged in my headset today that came with the phone and was sending a friend of mine an audio message via “What’s App” app and there was a persistent clicking noise all through my audio. I tested it in voice recorder and it was there too with the headset. Gave someone a call and they could hear it, but it then went away? Tested a music app and heard music just fine through the set with no issues. Tried the voice recorder again, no issues. Tried the “What’s App” app again, and it was there again, but it wasn’t a constant clicking, it was random clicking and possible crackling this time.

I have no idea what is causing it, but I think it has something to do with the microphone on the default headset? Kinda bummed since it was straight out of the box and never used, so not sure.

I didn’t know who to ask and I came across your blog and email. Please help or at least send me somewhere I may be able to find an answer! My issue seems different from the others.



The intermittent crackling sound in Samsung Galaxy S3 more often happens when playing music. Yes, there is a lot of users complaining about this and sad to say that there is no ultimate fix to this problem because no one knows why and where that crackling sound comes from. Not even Samsung would want to answer when asked about it. Carriers would tell you this is NOT a “known issue” so it is certain no resolution would be given.

If it were because of the stock music player, the workaround would be use a third-party music player. The one that comes highly recommended is the PowerAmp. You know what, I have a feeling that your problem may still be connected to the stock music/audio player. I don’t know how often the crackling sound occurs in your device but try installing PowerAmp and play the audio that you used to hear with that sound and see if it’s still there.

There is only one stock music player that comes with every Android installation. Any other apps that offer playback like the voice recorder (or even graphic equalizers) somehow, have something in common with the player. Or, at least, there is a system file that they use every time they play an audio. So, when a crackling sound occurs while using music player, it is more likely it will occur in other apps.

Galaxy S3 Camera Shutter Sound

My Galaxy S3 does not make any shutter sound when taking photos. Is it possible to somehow enable this on my phone. There is no option to turn on these sounds in my settings.

If there’s nothing on the settings, then it could be that your unit is built to have to camera shutter settings. These settings vary from carrier to carrier so if your friend has a toggle switch in his phone to turn the shutter on and off, and you know he’s from different carrier, don’t be surprised. But the weird thing is that in your case you are trying to turn the shutter on whereas others wanted to turn it off because it’s annoying. Is your device rooted? Are you its first owner?

If you got it secondhand and if it is rooted, it could be that the first owner has turned the shutter off. Rooted Galaxy S3 that doesn’t have shutter switch can be modified so it wouldn’t play that sound. It involves renaming a specific file. At least, this is my theory based on your statement.

Keyboard Reverting to Default

I have installed SwiftKey on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3, and set it as my default keyboard, but every time I start up the phone, it reverts to the Samsung keyboard as the default. There is no option to uninstall the Samsung keyboard, only clear data & force stop. I tried both of these as well as clearing the cache partition, but nothing works. I’ve already tried a factory reset (also done 3 other times for various issue) but no success. I shouldn’t have to root my phone to make it function properly. Do you have any other suggestions to fix this issue?

It is also a known issue between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the SwiftKey keyboard app. I would never want you to do anything now since you’ve already done enough to no avail. But the explanation behind this problem is that, the Swiftkey app (or any other paid apps in the Play Store) is downloaded and installed in a different directory. It does make sense because Play Store treats paid apps differently from free apps. The directory for paid apps is inaccessible to the system during boot up. While their settings remain the same, Android has to load all system apps including the keyboard when booting and since Swiftkey is inaccessible; it will revert back to the keyboard it once knew–the stock Samsung Keyboard.

The problem lies not with the app but with the Play Store and Android. People behind SwiftKey have already submitted a ticket to Google development team and it has already been tagged as “Released.” It means that a fix for this problem will be provided the next update rollout. So, for now, bear with your phone and wait for the next update/fix.

Galaxy S3 Screen Problem

I noticed that my galaxy s3 had black blotches/spots on the screen while watching videos and playing games with almost black pictures, very noticeable when viewing it in a dark room. Well I just want to ask if this kind of problem normal for AMOLED screens and if this could get worse later on.


Yes, it’s normal for a device with Super AMOLED display. It is known not only for Samsung Galaxy S3 but for other devices that use the same technology. There are no reported cases that these spots or blotches or lines became worse. But honestly, I’m one of the people hoping Samsung can make its displays even better to eliminate issues like this.

Galaxy Clock and Apps Not Working

Hi, can you please tell me how can I fix these problem with my Samsung galaxy s3

1) world wide clock is not working.

2) Samsung apps are not working.

These two problems occurred after i update my galaxy s3 to 4.1.1 and it is still not working after updating to 4.1.2.

It may not be as popular as the other problems mentioned here but there are many users complaining about getting errors when launching apps after the recent Jelly Bean update. If there are only a few apps not working right now, I will recommend clearing their data one-by-one and forcing them to stop. A reboot after that would often solve the problem. However, if you are talking about almost every app and widget not working, then a factory reset is needed.

But first, make sure you have backed up every bit of important data in your phone, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Backup and Reset
  3. Factory Data Reset
  4. Reset Device
  5. Delete All
  6. Reboot

The “Delete All” option means this procedure will really delete everything you’ve added into it after you bought it.

Galaxy S3 Group Text

I hope you can help. My name is Jose and I just got the S3.

I am having trouble figuring out how to respond to a text I receive when its from a group text.  Meaning, when I respond/reply the only person who receives it is the person who originally sent the text, the rest of the group doesn’t get my response with my previous phone I had the option to reply to one or ALL but I can’t find that option on the phone.

Can you help?

There’s no option to enable group text messaging in your Galaxy S3. To be able to do so, use Whatsapp. It’s offered free at the Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy S3/Outlook Email Problem

I have Outlook open on my laptop.  I want my emails to appear on both Outlook and my phone.  At present if Outlook grabs the email from the server then the phone will not get it.

Is there a way to use the following options which I’ve used before:

  1. 1.    Emails will be sent to Outlook and Galaxy.
  2. 2.    Emails can be deleted on phone and Outlook.   

Thank you in advance. 

I spent at least an hour trying to make it work on my end.

Emails will be sent to Outlook and Galaxy

Yes, you can do this but you’ll have to set Outlook not to delete emails from your server once you’ve downloaded them. Please follow instructions below:

  1. Click File on the Menu bar of your Outlook.
  2. Click Account Settings button. A new window pops up.
  3. Find Change option and click on it. You will be brought to yet another window.
  4. Click More Settings button on the lower right-hand corner.
  5. Click Advanced tab.
  6. Check “Leave a copy of messages on the server” option.

Upon doing this, emails will remain in your account in the server until you delete them or be deleted automatically after several days depending on the number of days you set the “Remove from server after ___ days” option.

When emails remain in the server, your Galaxy S3 can download them after syncing.

Emails can be deleted on phone and Outlook

From what I understand in you statement, you want that when you delete a message in your Galaxy S3, it would also be deleted in your Outlook and vice versa. I’m not closing my mind just yet but it seems to me this is almost impossible to do simply because, if you follow instructions above, emails will remain in your server. Both the Galaxy S3 and Outlook will download those emails separately caching them locally. So, every time you delete an email, say for instance in you Galaxy S3, you are actually deleting the message that has been cached or downloaded and not the one from the server. The same goes to emails in Outlook.

If one of our readers out there has a solution to this, we would want to know them. So, please email us if do know how.

Galaxy S3 Swype Keyboard Disappeared After Jelly Bean Update

Hi. My keyboard does not popup even though Swype option is enabled. It happened immediately after the recent Jelly Bean update. Please help. Thanks.

A lot of users are also reporting this sort of problem. Luckily there is just one workaround that might fix this issue–disabling Swype Backup & Sync.

  1. Go to Swype Settings
  2. Choose Swype connect
  3. Uncheck Backup & Sync

That should do it.

Move Music to SD Card – Another Way

One of our readers, Roberto Paolini, from Spain, sent us an email providing another way to move music to Galaxy S3’s SD Card (external memory).  Here it is:


Thanks for all the information on your page.

I would like to add some info in regard moving music from the s3 phone to the external SD card:

It’s very simple, so I am surprised that it has not been explained already.

Go to applications => my files => all files. Then appears “storage”, where you can choose between “extsdcard” and “sdcard0”. When you go to sdcard0 / media you can choose the music files and then you choose on the right top the option “move to”. Choose the external SD card and that’s it.

Greetings from Spain.

– Roberto


We will be answering more questions, so stay tuned. If you have concerns, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

The best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

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