Samsung Galaxy S IV to sport a mobile health pad accessory


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV is undoubtedly the most anticipated smartphone that will be coming to the market this year. The predecessor, Galaxy S III, still happens to be a hot product, so you can just imagine what kind of response the S IV will be receiving.

Samsung Galaxy S IV being a flagship device should obviously come with some innovative features which will help it stand out of the crowd of flagship devices from an array of companies. We have heard about a lot of unique features the device will come with, but the latest reports suggest that Samsung Galaxy IV will be feature few healthcare functions. According to Korean media sources, the Korean technology major will be selling a dedicated pad as an optional accessory which will have the ability to pulse rate, blood sugar levels and weight stock when used along with the upcoming device.

Starting with Galaxy S III, Samsung moved on to human oriented design and as we know, the sales of the smartphone broke down all the records. With Samsung Galaxy SIV, we can see the company moving one step further in the “designed for humans” initiative. This is of course not an official report, so take this with a pinch of salt, but it should be noted that Samsung’s medical device equipment products were elevated to a separate department within the company’s organizational structure last year, and it would make great marketing sense to provide such features. Also, it would be a nice touch to the S Health app that was launched for the predecessor.

At the CES2013 which was held in Las Vegas last month, a company called iHealth launched the healthcare services for Apple’s iPhone and the accessory which they launched managed to bag the International CES Best of Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award honoree. With Samsung delivering such features officially, this phone is bound to break the sales records again.

Samsung Galaxy SIV is expected to be launched on March 14th,2013 in an event that will be held in New York. As far as the device goes, it is anticipated to have a 4.99 inch display that will have full HD pixel count and a pixel density figure of 440PPI. Several reports are suggesting that it will be powered by a quad core A15 processor, but that definitely isn’t Samsung’s way, is it? We would like to see something that hasn’t been featured on any device yet, and Samsung may most probably consider putting the Exynos 5 OCTA core processor into the device. Exynos Octa was unveiled by Samsung at the CES 2013 and it is based on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture, where in which there will be four A15 cores catering resource intensive processes and four A7 cores that will cater processes that are lite on resources. Any of the 4 cores will be active at any given time. One benchmark result suggests that S IV will sport 1.8 GHz Octa processor. What are your thoughts on Samsung Galaxy S IV? Let us know!

source: Daum