Samsung Galaxy S IV to launch on March 14th

Galaxy S III Black and White

If you have been waiting to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S IV, we have some news today which says that the smart phone may be announced as soon as the 14th of next month. In fact, we have heard rumors about the smart phone before and most of them hinted at a March announcement. But you have to be aware that the South Korean smart phone giant may not actually put the smart phone on sale starting from the 14th of March. Usually, the company takes one or two months of time to start selling a device it announced.

If you look at the history of the smart phones the company released, it is interesting to note that it is announcing its next flagship device after just 9 months from releasing the Galaxy S III – which is the company’s current flagship device in the market – in the United States.  The company is actually known for releasing smart phones with very less gap between them. Though this gives us really high end and awesome devices, it leaves us with no choice but to change smart phones every few months, and lose a lot of money, especially people like me who like to have an unlocked smart phone.

The South Korean smart phone releases new high end smart phone every four to five months. The Galaxy S III was announced in May and went on sale in June. After this, the company’s second generation phablet, the Galaxy Note II, August and went on sale in November in the US. After that, this is going to be the major launch for the company.

But if you look at all the rumors about the Galaxy S IV, you will realize that we have not had any proper rumors about the specs of the device. We just know that the smart phone will have a bigger display than the Galaxy S III, a quad core processor (down from the Exynos 5 Octa eight core CPU), and probably will launch on all major carriers in the US.

Source: Wired